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  1. okay I'm just checking if this is related real birthday or not, it's like confusing to use the avatar creation day as an age which to me sounds a little weird
  2. well according to Firestorm (I use it to play Second Life) it says 2nd life born 2/21/2018 is that for the avatar or actual age? it's really confusing and the 1st life is well...blank as I don't have time to input everything.
  3. Well for one it shows what age and birthdate one put and I'm sure I input mine in and it just went to the date it wants to view....so I'm not sure why it would do that!
  4. I will do I need to use the error messaging part or just use my creation name?
  5. don't see that for some odd reason since the glitch....I'll have to wait until like 5-6 years to get the glitch to change to 18 years... all I see is like Abuse Appeal Account Compromised Account creation issue lost password reactivate account viewer login and web login (I manly use Firestorm for Secondlife anyway)
  6. I see that and other options are confusing to me to get this fixed and In case they need proof - I have my ID snapped where my birthdate is so they know to change it correctly, they really need to have the option to do fix it by users in case a screw up happens
  7. what I'm seeing is things like Abuse appeal to viewer login issues - like basic stuff and no way to have it fixed
  8. I knew Input my birthday right and it somehow glitched out and input the wrong birth for some reason and I know it and I'm not sure which section of support ticket section to get this fixed so I can tell them I'm older than 18 and no my birth certificate has vanished for some odd reason and if they need it....I will tell them my actual birthday if they "don't" change it after I say it I'm gonna complain to them to do it anyway!
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