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  1. @Zoxin If you can, I respectfully request you to fix the skeleton for me, because I don't have access to beta and I don't wanna waste any more Linden on repeatedly importing this model. Do you have the time? The legs are the only problem, along with the feet.
  2. Ah, so I just got it. I appears that when I joined all of the parts to the body, it made the object's name of the part that was last selected before joining everything. But now, I do have one last problem! I Imported my model into SL, and the legs are being stretched as if it wre trying to be a regular human leg, even though it's meant to be (...I don't know the name of the type of legs he has) legs.
  3. Alright, cool... I figured out that stuff was moved around in the program, and I successfully rigged the model... But there's one problem with the textures... His right eye socket is the only thing showing when I apply the texture, everything else is transparent. Anybody know how to fix that?
  4. Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by saying that I've tried doing this myself, but in all aspects, failed to do so successfully a great numerous of times. I'm trying to get a model that has already been made into SL as an avatar, but I almost get reduced to ripping my laptop in half because of it. Avastar is being a royal pain in the ass (not the good kind), and I've looked at alot of tutorials and followed them to a "T". Yet still nothing seems to be working at all, so I give up. So here's the deal: I want to pay someone to do this for me. It's getting really very very tiresome an
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