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  1. well, this is simply a drawing I messed up on, Originally I had planned a ton more details more so then I am sure exists in SL. Maybe if you want, you could add me and we can take a look at the shop together. I don't plan on getting anything unless I run into exactly what I am looking for but, it could be fun. ^.^
  2. There is so many ways I wish I could reply to you but, it would be impossible with out a 500 page essay on well everything you talked abut. Long story short (Still pretty long though.) Its not just an drawing, I have a dream of turning this OC and a few others into a manga and later an anime. I have been struggling with real life and this dream is whats keeping me strong. If its stolen to say "I would be crushed" would be a huge understatement. I have no clue how I would react though one thing is for sure it wouldn't be a positive reaction. I just want to give to som
  3. I can see why you need to pay handsomely to do this..this job is a nightmare.
  4. thank you for replying! Thank you for replying! I would prefer to do an entire 3D model from scratch. I am a creative person, I like to create. She is my own OC (Original character) and I would prefer to keep her that way if at all possible. Thanks for your time. ^.^
  5. Just what the title says. I want to create my own personal character based on a character I drew but, I have no idea how to go about this. Only real experience I have is editing shapes. Is there a place where I could learn the basics of creating stuff maybe a specific youtube channel or maybe an in sim tutor that takes me through everything I need to create pretty much everything I need to accomplish my goal? Thanks in advance. <3
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