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  1. Tickets for processing your credits and further verification "AFTER" you transfer your money to paypall is ridiculous , many difficulties and bugs etc. appear and than your on your own. It happens so often and Secondlife is still resposible for this money on hold. Therefor i think verification should start as soon you get a 1L$ in your account, LONG BEFORE YOUR STUCK IN A TICKET !! Find a free lawyer and lawsuit the SYSTEM. i know i will.
  2. i got a case , LL refusing to pay my L$ and ive never been reported or done anything wrong , they suddenly justholds my funds indefinitely and there was never any probleme before.... i will take a lawsuit , and no its not costly , its free even ! i'll give LL a few more days ..............
  3. When do you sell the potplant for the best price and Where to sell seeds and/or plants? From vendors in a shop or at auctions? Any Tips Are Highly Appreciated!
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