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  1. I actually managed to snag an experienced mesh maker in-world who talked me through it, but ended up giving me pretty much the same advice so thank you for it ❤️ Oh my god thank you. I knew my triangles were a mess and now I know what I need to do to clean it up. Very useful advice~
  2. So Optimo helped me with the original issue, but now I'm having a couple new ones. When trying to transfer weights from the avatar to the mesh, a couple of things happen: I have NO idea where the purple is coming from or why. I tried looking this up as well but none of them seemed to following the same path of thought that I was. I'm not sure why, but this purple highlight is preventing me from transferring weights onto my mesh. I tried fiddling around with some stuff, and just clicking away from the highlighted section will remove that purple... but there's no weight shown. Considering I have the Neck and Neck Bone selected, you would think there'd be a good bit of weight 'painted' on the avatar. Right clicking the armature in pose mode allows me to move the avatar wonderfully, but even adding weight paint to my mesh doesn't seem to make it move at all. I did indeed parent the mesh to the armature, by the by. I tried joining the Dvalinn together into a single mesh (since it's broken up into sections, and the tutorial is shown as a whole mesh) but that didn't really do anything or change the results.
  3. Thanks for that help, but now I'm suffering from another issue
  4. So I've tinkered around with uploading meshes into SL via Blender, but I wanted to try making something that was specifically rigged. I just so happened to have a friend say "I'm so upset nobody's made a Zebstrika avatar yet" (a Pokemon) so I was planning to rig the 'mane' section onto Orange Nova's Dvalinn Deer. ONA is super awesome in that they have their dummy blend files ready to download on their blog, so the issue wasn't getting a hold of the avatar. The issue is, despite all the tutorials I've watched trying to figure out rigging, ONA just does it differently. Not to mention I'm not using Avastar or a human avi, for that matter. I've gotten all the way down to where you have to assign weights to the mesh so that it moves properly with the body but when I switch into "Weight Painting Mode", the section I have selected is covered with indications of the vertices. I'm assuming it's something to do with vertex groups, but I'm far from pro so I'm not certain about it. This was the video I had been trying to follow to get a better feel for rigging (and I liked that they aren't using a Human avi), but as you'll notice the differences when THEY select the avatar versus when I do... Visually it's not a big deal, but when I try to select the mesh I made to adjust the weights, it just ends up selecting the nearest vertex (highlights the selected one). I looked everywhere through Blender Manuals and forums and videos--on and on. I couldn't figure it out, so I finally buckled to come ask for myself. And I'll be heading over to other forums if things are inconclusive SL side. I just figured somebody has to know how to do what I'm trying to do, especially since this is a popular model in the MP.
  5. Hello all! So I quickly fell in love with the Kemono and PAWS combination for my furry character, and I know it's possible to have a custom skin made for it. I have a lion fursona: https://orig00.deviantart.net/8550/f/2015/069/f/b/mythrim_reference_by_jurgencarmeitder-d8l7j04.png Lewd version! https://static.f-list.net/images/charimage/9076215.png I just wanted to browse around for anyone who's experienced with this kind of stuff and see if I could possibly get this made? I know her design is asymmetrical but I'd be happy to come to a middle ground if that's too difficult (like, I can make a symmetrical version of it) because I'm not really sure how custom textures work for SL. I also don't know if it affects anything, but I also use the Hella Hips and Rei's Chest mods for my character. If you need any other details feel free to respond here and I'll get back to you ASAP. I can pay through $L or PayPal, whatever your preference is. Interested? Great, just message me and we can discuss more. Thanks! ~Elly
  6. So I just joined SecondLife a couple days ago, and the first thing I did was try to fiddle around with the avatar. I found out very quickly about the lack of items I had in my inventory. I consider myself a member of the furry community, so if possible I’d love to be able to change my character to look like one. I looked around in the marketplace and found a lot of looks that I enjoyed, but I’m mostly confused on what exactly it is I need to do. Apprently I need to buy the... mesh(?) for the body, then a texture to go put on top of it, I think. I wanted to make a feline avatar. It’d be awesome to texture it myself (if that’s an option at all). I’m really just seeking some pointers in the right direction. What exactly am I looking for? Is there a simpler way to find it? I browsed a little bit, and I’ve found that I liked the combination of the... I think it’s the “Kemono body” and the “paws feline head” which I don’t think comes with the ears. I looked by typing those things in, and I found the feline head but I’m lost still on the kemono body... or even if I need to by a tail/pair of ears. Any tips are greatly appreciated ^^
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