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  1. actually i simply sent her a prepaid card number. i will continue to reload it for her. and i disagree with one of the posts but eh thats their problem not mine. whats important to me is i was able to help my dear friend
  2. Hello. Id like to know the name of the regions for premium you have a choice of and the names of all the houses im wanting to know the largest size one for the asian style and the name of it. Thanks for an example ( one of the biggest ones is skylight in meadowbrook)
  3. Ah alright then. Its a shame they dont have this as a thing to fill out a form for it and then it sends it itself kind of thing. would be a hell of a lot easier.but then again look how difficult it is just to dress your avatar on here LOL.
  4. she has a account on SL im just not sure about the paypal part. and TY.
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