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  1. Okay so wait till Monday and if I don't hear from them call them like 1hr before they close for the 3rd time about this issue ..... *laughs* there going get sick of me calling them.
  2. I thought Advisiors could look up ticket numbers or there was a way to or has that changed?
  3. Yeah I know that but then why didn't they get back to me about the account Re-Creation? That when I search the login name it appears there and before I asked submitted a ticket for the Re-Creation it wasn't showing at all. The Re-Creation ticket was Created on Feburary.27th,2017 Ticket Recieved at 7:20pm. When I had called in about that paticalar ticket he said he has seen two different one's I said "Yeah the first one I put in the wrong e-mail address" he then asked me the correct one I had told him and he had put it on the notes on that ticket and that I need a password reset with that e-mail as well.
  4. I submitted the Support Ticket on Thursday though .... going copy this from my e-mail Ticket Recieved March.1st at 3:56pm When I created the ticket for Re-Creation of my account and put my e-mail address in that I have access to I never recieved anything back from them at all. I just searched my old account name I had asked for Re-Creation and there it was showing up
  5. So I have just recently came back to Second Life I had put in a Support Ticket to get my old account back which I now see is back in world as I searched the name of my old account and it showed up. Since then I went to Secondlife.com and clicked Forgot Password to my old account realizing that I no longer have access to that e-mail so I did another Support Ticket of a Password Rest asking if there was another way it could be done? It has been 24 hours and I have heard nothing back since I created that support ticket, I have no idea how to look it up to see if they have done anything regards to it. I never logged into this account to create a Support Ticket I continued as a Guest. If anyone does it or knows how to help me it be apprecaited.
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