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  1. Hi Annabell Yes I have, yet I still have to find something that exactly suits my needs (although I found one that came close) but then I'm still in trouble to create the desired textures. And keep in mind that part of the scripting is actually in either creating invisible meshes that ge activated upon a scripted command or a texture that gets applied onto the mesh (maybe I should update that on the initial post). So I would still need someone who can create good, high quality textures, and optionally (for the best results) multiple meshes of the same clothing.
  2. Hi everyone Most of the projects that I'm doing I'm mostly doing for personal use or friends here in sl and consist mostly of scripting while using some simple prims or items I buy on the marketplace. Lately I had an idea for some scripted clothing of sorts that I can't find on the marketplace, sadly I struck two main obstacles: 1. I can't get the hang of blender, I really admire everyone who get's along with it but to me it's a horrible piece of software that I just can't get to work. I guess I don't have the right mindset to use it. 2. I can play a little in Photoshop to create some basic textures but creating textures for clothing is something I won't even begin with unless I'm prepaired to accept that I won't create anything usable within the next year or so. So basically i'm looking for someone to work together on a fitmesh clothing project (maitreya, although if other bodies can be supported at the same time that would be great!) where I will do the scripting (some basic scripting for that have already been done). If someone is interested then either IM me in-world or you can reply to this forum post and I'll elaborate on what I have in mind. Keep in mind that it's a project that I do mostly for fun, I'm not planning to make exuberant amounts of money from it. I am prepaired to either split earnings from the marketplace once it's in there or to make a one time payment deal for any work done. Cheers and take care everyone! ?
  3. Thanks to you too Wulfie, I was already using a global variable to catch the notecards outputs ? We can only wish for the time when LSL gets some objects with subclassign and delegates and all that good stuff lol This topic is solved (rather quickly thanks to both of you) and may be close if nobody objects ^^
  4. Jeez... thanks for that hint! ? I'm now calling the method in the if(EOF) section to show my output... thank you very much for making me think about that! Greetings and thank you very much!
  5. Hi everyone I have a small issue when reading a notecard and logging it's contents into public chat Situation: I have a notecard in my object's root prim containing two lines and I'm using a slightly adapted bit of code that can be found on the LSL wiki. Problem: I want the contents of the notecard to be displayed in the state_entry() or attach() method right after reading the notecard. The problem is when I want to log the contents of the variables that I assigned data to in the dataserver() method onto public chat, I get blanks. I'm assuming the dataserver() method is some kind of asynchronous method because the notecard is read without issues (I checked this by both ogging the variables straight from the dataserver() method as well as from the touch_start() method). Any idea's on how to do this in a clean way?, If there is anything else you guys need let me know, I can post the script's contents in this thread if necessary. Thank in advance and I hope to hear from you fellow coders ?
  6. Your solution is a bit crazy indeed. But as you say, not impossible. I've gotten myself a Kix bed for now and I will certainly take a closer look at your suggestion in the future ^^ Thank you very much for the tip about the AVSitter source code ;-) Oh... and I'd love to see your Sybian.... do send me an IM in world, I'd love to see that :-p
  7. Actually..... how stupid of me that I didn't thought of that I was always bothered with those places... being on top of search results when I have no use for them... until now. Thank you very much for your advice
  8. @norajulian: I just went to visit their shop after I've read your post norajulian... they look promising but I'll have to return sometime with a friend to try out the demo's. @norajulian: Thank your for the advice in your side note, I've changed the title :-) .. no idea how I can move this post though :-p
  9. Hello everyone I know this subject has been discussed a lot on these forums probably but I'm trying to be more specific.... I'm currently looking at all the beds available but I can't decide on witch one to go for. A while ago I know I was shopping with my girlfriend for a bed and we just couldn't find a bed that had the right features... unless buying multiple beds So does anyone has advice on a good bed? Prim count doesn't matter, animations have to be fluid and should consist of at least cuddles, vanilla, kink, possibility to tie her up and support for more than two avi's (meaning not only sex with the other avi's but cuddles or other sits as well. 2 additional females at least, more is a plus). the bed should look good for a modern interior (no medieval styled beds please, I'm not creating a dungeon, it should be able to fit in a contemporary place) Preferably without poseballs. I'm looking forward to see your comments people :-) and thanks in advance ;-)
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