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  1. Welp been trying for an hour+ login in with the Firestorm viewer with no luck, tried out the Kokua viewer and came in at first try. Ugh so confused with whats going on. ;o
  2. Whoop whoop, managed to get online on SL now. Will see if it goes offline soon again as before. Edit: Might have said it too early, got kicked out instantly and can't re-join... Double Edit: Nevermind, was just loading extremely slow. Came in again.
  3. Had issues with the marketplace as well but got online for me now again, can't get online on SL on my viewer still though
  4. Oh and here I've been re-installing my viewer, downloading a new viewer and all that stuff just to realize that its the SL servers and not on my part the problem is. :') What a shame, looked forward to just chilling and relaxing on SL after finally having some alone time after I've been having a visitor since Friday.
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