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  1. Bring us those fake news topics, give us those hidden easter eggs and the best from 2016 : FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2016 BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Buys Linden Lab, Promises to "Make Second Life Great Again"
  2. I am also looking forward to the movie and will be there opening day with popcorn in hand. I am especially interested in how Speilberg and his army of lawyers have resolved the copyright infringement potential of showing active scenes from the multitude of arcade games mentioned in the book? Most of which kicked my ass and swallowed my quarters growing up.
  3. To this day in cosmopolitan San Francisco with a vibrant Asian Community, it is common to see a Western man walking with an Asian girl. But, whispers abound about seeing the mysterious 'Unicorn'- an Asian man with a Western girl. Some chalk it up to protective Asian mothers concerned about their lineage.
  4. You Don't suppose the 12 terminated employees of LL today pulled the fire alarm on their way out?
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