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  1. Thank you once again. And making a case in relation to this, could be rather tricky. none of the preset choices are near correct. Should I just put anything on there? Or don't worry about it.
  2. Whoops. Sorry about that, didn't know where else to go. Thanks though. I'll try to find my way there.
  3. Hey there, Ender here, So I have an update on a report I made under "Fraud" with the summary of "Extortion of money gifted with intent of receiving return of remaining funds" The money has been returned after constant arguing and fighting, and I have since abandoned all association with the abuser reported. No further action required, except toward me myself, I could use some comfort because the situation was extremely stressful and I was losing my own sanity. Otherwise, the situation has been resolved and no action is needed. Thanks, ~Ender
  4. I just wanted to know if they're banned or not, but I'll be fine.... now I'm just waiting for an admin to close this
  5. *sighs* >_< Thanks.... It's fine....
  6. It's fine... But I'm not like those people... I'm just deeply worried about someone.... someone I hold close to my heart....
  7. I can't, there's nothing for welfare checks on the site....
  8. I have a question for the admins, I was wondering if I could request a welfare check?
  9. Indeed! It says that it's fixed, buncha lies! I still can't get in! "Best efforts", eh? Sure! I've got L$50K that says they'll "fix" it again... and it'll still be broken! (Apologies... I'm just really upset because I had to deal with a really bad breakup and my patience had gone way down... I love SL, I have lots of friends on there... I want it to be fixed, I wish I could ask for compensation for what happened, but whatever... I'll try to deal with it)
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