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  1. I just wanted to know if they're banned or not, but I'll be fine.... now I'm just waiting for an admin to close this
  2. Please close this discussion....
  3. *sighs* >_< Thanks.... It's fine....
  4. It's fine... But I'm not like those people... I'm just deeply worried about someone.... someone I hold close to my heart....
  5. My case is a bit different....
  6. I can't, there's nothing for welfare checks on the site....
  7. I have a question for the admins, I was wondering if I could request a welfare check?
  8. Indeed! It says that it's fixed, buncha lies! I still can't get in! "Best efforts", eh? Sure! I've got L$50K that says they'll "fix" it again... and it'll still be broken! (Apologies... I'm just really upset because I had to deal with a really bad breakup and my patience had gone way down... I love SL, I have lots of friends on there... I want it to be fixed, I wish I could ask for compensation for what happened, but whatever... I'll try to deal with it)
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