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  1. Tbh iv`e given up trying to get this client running either the sl one or Firestorm , i have a 2x intel Xeon 24 core workstation and a gtx 1080ti it uses 2% cpu and 15% gpu and the strange behavour starts then there is less complex stuff on screen. Cpu and Gpu use goes up and lots happening it goes down it`s almost like there trying to make it run bad. busy screen with 10/20 avatars less cpu and gpu usage no avatars more cpu and gpu usage . It`s back to front
  2. Still cant login here in Scotland getting mad now
  3. kicked off again cant log in , bed time then lol
  4. Whats more worrying is all my purchase history had disappeared on the main page Hope my stuff aint gone still cant log in , I'm in scotland
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