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  1. If the limit (only SL) is clearly definied. No catfishing. BUT as soon as even the smallest hopes are awakened, it maybe changes to a catfish-game. And thats the point. It needs a maximum discipline to hold a clear limit in relationship between humans, if you don`t want to change yourself into a small catfish. And now ? A relationship with such a high discipline-level ? Really ? lol . Thats no relationship, thats hard work. I think between two people in a relationship it is almost impossible to flirt with each other without using words that could possibly raise hopes. real catfishing is to play a game with two faces from the beginning. To awake hopes and stuff like this to reach the own targets ... but its also catfishing if you don t stop or slow down the relationship consequent when you feel there is something more at the other side... if you don`t do this, you do nothing else than a catfish-game.
  2. You think another communities are better to make real friends ? Not really. In SL all possibilities to play games are totally clear. So. You know where you are. The name of the platform says all what you have to know. At other platforms is the same stuff running. But more in the background. You have to do more tricks to be an evil catfish. Welcome in internet. In SL is everything clear. The possibilities are obvious and therefore it is clear that the possibilities are used. So SL is actually even more honest than other platforms..
  3. I would rather limit my own desires than mentally hurt other people. Specially people i call "friend" . There is a limit that should not be exceeded. If you want to sleep with a lot of guys. Do it. There is nothing wrong. But if you need to hurt somebody mentally to fulfil your own fantasies, i think there is something totally wrong. Also in sl. I think the limit should be that you can do anything you want, as long as you do not harm anyone else. We are in sl and sl is there to set the satisfaction of my own needs over anything else is not really an argument.
  4. Thats the good thing in SL... If you want to be the same person like in RL... You can be. Maybe a communication plattform with some entertainments around. If you dont want, you can do a second life or more second lifes. You can be. Also a mixture between this stuff is possible. The big mistake is to assume the person opposite has the same attitude to things as oneself.. There are millions of different ways to be yourself in SL..
  5. a virtual world, specially made to lead one or more "second lifes".. Equipped with all the possibilities to deceife, lie and hide. A platform like heaven for divided personalities and deceivers. in such a world, you wonder about people that use this possibilities ? rly ?
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