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  1. Thank you Dakota for the advice. I took scripts off and hope it helps. Thank you also to everyone else who posted advice too . I agree a sense of humor does help . I do feel amused, but I admit to being annoyed too, kind of mixed feelings. It has helped me feel better to bring it up on here. .
  2. Interesting you say that there is a way to not view the ugly yellow ban lines from other neighbors? That is great! I did not know that. This is not the first person to tresspass on my land there was another in the past. I ejected him because he would not even talk to me,kept wandering around my land and did not leave. How do you feel about people coming onto your land even when you are not there ? Is it okay or is it wrong?
  3. Thank you . I hope so. I did accept his offer of friendship because I do not really meet people in sl very often and I guess in my mind I wondered if he was there for a reason ? That I should at least try to be nice,but I really do not know what to do now. I think I will have to have a talk with him . And I wonder if the ban lines look ugly to my neighbors . Is it selfish of me to make the neighborhood look ugly to them even though I cant see it and it looks nice to me?
  4. What do you do about someone who decides to just walk onto your land like they own the place with you standing right there,and they start trying out your chairs and your bed,checking everything out until you politely im them to see what they want ? They are friendly but annoying and then after they leave you put ban lines up and they im you to complain how unfriendly the neighborhood is? I explained that anyone who comes onto the land needs to ask perimssion first . And he replied that sl has no privacy except in skyboxes high in the air and that he leaves his second life house open to
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