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  1. We have been missing each other. Initially I was not to keen on Dorne. I must admit the idea has slowly grown on me. I have done some research, at this point my question is about your intent for Uller. The house has a dark reputation, was curious if you intend to take it in that direction?
  2. i have been following the reboot and do intend to play. Not sure what family etc at this time, as the reboot makes things rather confusing. I have zero rpg experience in SL, in fact I am still trying to learn how to do things in SL. However, I have decades of rpg experience, some forum rpg experience and a lot of historical knowledge. I have read all the GOT books and seen the series. I have actually made armor, furniture, weapons etc. Currently I am still actively fighting with rebated steel weapons. I feel that I have the potential to be an asset, if I can just figure it all out. Thanks
  3. Evening, I hope someone can suggest a fix. My LAQ Scarlet Bento head has developed a serious bald spot. To be specific the top and back of her head is missing. I have notice that if I turn on avatar Kira, her base hair is the exact placement. I have made her head invisible, turned it off etc. So that does not seem to affect it, Seems to have started when i had some issue with a demo hair base that would not remove. It is now gone and the ugly space is there. I unfortunately seemed to have lost the box, so I can't just reinstall the entire thing. Might see if I can get it redelivered since I bought it about a week ago.
  4. If you are going to parse out the period as a criticism, I will point out that traditionally it is divided into the Dark Ages, Middle Ages and Renaissance. You also see the terms Low, Middle and High used. Otherwise I agree with the sentiment. Needing help is rather vague, people want to know if you are seeking help to maintain such an enterprise, which would entail Second Life or sim management. (which would not require a roleplayer). I understand that you need an author or experienced RPG player to build the story, but are you also looking for main characters, people with historical knowledge/backgrounds for information? A large undertaking needs many people, I keep hoping to find some active historical based or perhaps low magic games. Please post if you know of some that are active. I am finding them but there are seldom players.
  5. Thjis

    New to Gor

    Not played Gor, just started SL, but I did read all the books back in the day. Free women wear robes of concealment to discourage raiders from enslaving them. This is a main reason why they hide their faces, the thought process is.... let a man risk his life to take a slave that he can see is beautiful vs taking an ugly free woman. Talbot, the main character throughout the series actually says as much. Think it was Tarnsman of Gor, but not read them for 30 plus years. If you can find it, John Norman also wrote some books on sex. Think the title was Imaginative Sex, ? I never read it, but I would imagine it gives a strong insight into his vision of the gender relationships. After all Talbot often states that all women want to be slaves. By the time he becomes a Pirate lord in Raiders of Gor? He is a hardcore slaving arse. My personal favorite was Priest Kings and that is because of Misnk (don't remember the spelling of the PK's name)
  6. Interested in finding a Norse based RPG sim, active and taking in another player. I am also in search of a good kit and have been hitting up some Norse RPG threads. Currently looking to see what I can find, who is active etc. New to SL, so my actual game mechanics are going to be rough, but I have lots of rpg experience and tons of historical knowledge. Physically I have made riveted chain, spangen helms, my current RUS kit, Lamellar, a ship etc. Any help with kit etc is welcome. Really looking for a good Kaftan, even if I have to look at reskinning it. Thjis@hotmail.com
  7. Looking for a RUS inspired Kit if anyone knows a store for it. Looking for a group or two that I fit for some RPG. Prefer to stay close to historical, but some fantasy is ok. Let me know if we are on the same wave length. Thjis@hotmail.com
  8. Looking for some Norse RPG and also looking for some good norse cloths, particularly RUS. So far only found one decent tunic. Interested in groups and kit information. Thjis@hotmail.com
  9. I am new to SL and I have decided to try RPG here. I am not new to RPG having done it for longer than a good many SLers have been alive. Played RPG online Adult VTM and for over 20 years on Tabletop. Have a masters in history and I am a full member of the Jomsvikings. I have been researching and making Nordic items in RL for years. Just got my avatar basically set up, still trying to get a kit together, damn linden restrictions are slowing me down. Interested in more information, plus interested in a good source of norse clothing. Really looking for a Kaftan etc for a Rus look as I have some armor that is basically Lamellar. thjis@hotmail.com is my email address. Thanks for the read.
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