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    yes about land
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    Hiya all i have question on going rate on a prim, how much is it per prim in Ls and USD ...thxx
  3. Hiya All, I know my title sounds weird, lol...but, it's very true...I have been on SL on and off since 2008...Mostly, 2016 thru bit of 2017 had a relationship that went south..(all good now) I dumped old acct for a new one...as most know that's how we how we roll...go in hiding,(ALT) at this time I just want to enjoy logging into SL..doing everything it has to offer...I hate being a kept woman...I didn't do much (pop out zooby babies) hahaha!....I never got full effects of SL and all it has to offer...due to my SL becoming my RL....enough said about that...I am just looking for friendship, male /female...Doesn't matter just be yourself, I want to explore have fun piss myself with laughter...haaa! ...this my time now in life...SHOP, MUSIC, GAMES,ON & ON, only thing I ask is be REAL ....I just been back few days. trying to update all meshy parts of me LMAO>>> if interested hit me up..... SiaAiko
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