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  1. Thanks for the help! I am connected to my router through ethernet so there's no wifi connection going on here. Also, what I did was just start the avatar completely over by choosing a new one that they offer when you first sign up and that fixed my problem. Whatever files were being used before, I guess they're just inaccessible at the moment. It's fine though. I have no issue starting over, seeing as how I do need to do a serious update to my avatar anyway. I appreciate you taking the time out to respond! I was getting nowhere previously.
  2. I have been away from SL for about 5/6 years. I finally attempted to sign into my account about a week ago and it said my account was on hold. So I submitted a support case to get it reactivated and I am now able to sign into it. However, I have the Firestorm viewer (and yes I have updated to the most current version of it) and when I log into my account my avatar will not rez. I don't know if it's because the account is so old the textures used just aren't existing anymore? What is the problem? Every time I attempt to sign in, it's just an orange cloud. I waited for almost an hour thinki
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