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  1. Hi I am looking for places to advertise my new town on this forums and groups in world, any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Name: Tessa (TessaSpirit) Avatar D.O.B. 29/11/2015 Job Title: Hostess - I am looking for a hostess job in a general/moderate club (no adult) my preferred music taste is dance, EDM, trance, chart hits and some light rock and some light country. Experience: I have never had a hosting job and would like a helping hand to step up on to the career path. Although I have never been a hostess I have organised and run events in SL. I am a super fast learner I have basic knowledge of greeting people when they enter giving them group tags etc, I am easy going and very approachable. Hours: I live in Scotland so my time zone is GMT (SLT+8). I can work most days within the hours of 2am - 2pm SLT. I do have college in RL 3 days per week but we can discuss this more if you would like to offer me an interview. I do not voice I can listen though. I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read this its really appreciated, if you can at least offer me an interview that would be awesome you can reach me in world (TessaSpirit) If you are interested what I look like I have a mesh body and Bento head.
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