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  1. I think it was my Graphics card taking a poop lol I cleared all my chache, relooged with same alts and setting and lights are back on! New PC in next months I guess ha ha!
  2. Hello! I kind of figured it out just now! The other one was not zoomed in as close; however, normally I don't have to be zoomed in at all to see the "light" I set from an object. When I turn the light on and off it fades away! It has never done that until recently.
  3. I'm finding it weird, my Alt account, as seen on the right, is showing lighting properly, but my main account is not showing it at all. What could be causing this? These screen shots are taken at the exact same time on the exact same PC. Both screens open at the exact same time, but the one of the left won't load up the lighting correct. The account on the right has signifcantly lowers inventory, that's really the only difference. What the HECK!
  4. I like to keep things to the point as possible. I'll def take a look. If worse comes to worse I'll have to commission someone.
  5. Same, that is a very hard to get toned muscle. It's smoother then what I have now, but better.
  6. The entire picture its self was taken in world by me. It's an ad from a clothing event.
  7. That's a little better! I'll check them out!
  8. I agree. I think I'm going to have to find a skin. Although in the 3D model of the Balleza Jake body, the abs are built right in, but if a skin can mask that effect that'd be great.
  9. The point of this forum is to try and find an average, "I don't work out every day of my life" body. I love muscle, but it's not what I look like RL. To each their own, a lot of people don't want to look the way they do RL in SL, but I do so I'm searching for this body or one like it.
  10. This forum is not for a matter of opinion, I'm looking for what I consider an average male body in SL and any help to find it is what I'm looking for
  11. I'm happy with the way I look, and ripped abs is not how I look.
  12. Yes, I'm tired of looking like a super model lol I just wanna be average ha ha!
  13. Hello every one! I've been on SL for a long time and I'm still desperately trying to replicate the flesh behind the screen. Unlike most of the males I've seen on SL, I have no desire for a ripped rock hard stomach packed with abs, I'd prefer my wholesome, well fed, average body that I have RL. Currently, I am sporting the Belleza Jake body with a Catwa Dino head. I tried using the V-Tech Mod for the Matriya body, aka a Female body with a male chest, so that I could have a regular stomach and arms, but it just wasn't looking right and the complete abandonment of the Belleza Jake would leave me with a lot of clothes that will no longer fit. If anyone has skin suggestions to help hide those abs, or maybe even shapes, please shout me out! I don't know what body this is, or if it even is a body in SL, but this would be my desired end result for how i want my body on SL to look.
  14. Hello everyone! So I have finally acquired my own Region! I am trying to get the soil texture of mine to ONLY be under the water line so the "lakes" I have made into the ground using terraforming will have the soil texture below the "water line" I am having quite the struggle trying to do this as the dirt is showing up on hills and area above the limit I set the textures at...but I don't think I have fully grasped how the terrain texture editing works yet. This image below is what I'm working on so far. Damn you DIRT! I want you BELOW the water line HAHA!
  15. Hello! The best I could do is draw it my self sadly. The only thing I have even close to this for the AOR Class is the Know your ship books they give us, but that's only be good for making the inside of the ship ha ha! Which could be a huge project of mine if I could get someone to make the outer shell. I cold draw something like this up my self if that'd help. Do you make models?
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