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  1. Good evening everyone! I'd like to reach out to the forums for some ideas / help. Mostly ideas or what you do for the next thing I write. I've been on SL for many years now and through out my time I have become a big collector in clothes, bodies, heads, ect. However; I also have owned many plots of land in my time vary in themes and locations. I've been trying to organize my inventory for a long time and it appears to get worse and worse! With owning so many different items, it's becoming hard to figure out how I want to organize stuff. What I have tried: Organize by Brand
  2. I'll give it a go I'm very new to scripts ^^
  3. OH, would make the object like a door mat count as collision?
  4. Hello! I want to make a little chime for when people walk into my Cafe. I have the sound uploaded to SL, i just can't figure out the script. What i'd like, is when people walk through a phantom prim, it will play the bell sound once.
  5. Oh i like that!
  6. I have my group as a pay to join, but how do I deposit the Linden that has gone into the group?
  7. It worked
  8. Thank you a ton!
  9. Hello! I am trying to figure out how to make a Script that, when a single prim is touched, it will publicly say something and includes the person name who touched it. Example: Avatar touches prim. Prim emits publicly, "Johndoe touced the box" Thanks in Advance!
  10. I think it was my Graphics card taking a poop lol I cleared all my chache, relooged with same alts and setting and lights are back on! New PC in next months I guess ha ha!
  11. Hello! I kind of figured it out just now! The other one was not zoomed in as close; however, normally I don't have to be zoomed in at all to see the "light" I set from an object. When I turn the light on and off it fades away! It has never done that until recently.
  12. I'm finding it weird, my Alt account, as seen on the right, is showing lighting properly, but my main account is not showing it at all. What could be causing this? These screen shots are taken at the exact same time on the exact same PC. Both screens open at the exact same time, but the one of the left won't load up the lighting correct. The account on the right has signifcantly lowers inventory, that's really the only difference. What the HECK!
  13. I like to keep things to the point as possible. I'll def take a look. If worse comes to worse I'll have to commission someone.
  14. Same, that is a very hard to get toned muscle. It's smoother then what I have now, but better.
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