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  1. so i'm dealing w/ someone who's been trying to evade a block by sending Linden. he's been doing this to another resident i'm well acquainted with (a verry good friend of mine in an Discord server) while they have been sending *Her* messages this way, i haven’t received any message. we both use Firestorm so i don’t know if its a setting i have up that she doesn’t or *shrugs* but normally is there even in the stock LL Viewer a user from even Sending Linden? because if i block someone, i want nothing to do with them that includes unwanted L$no matter how little or how much they send. with this user i lifted the block long enough to ask them kindly to stop, and give them back thier L$. a few mins they did it again. greeted almost instantly with a message with them feeling almost entitled to be friends, i gave them a final warning "do it again, i'll send an AR for Evading a User Block." they havent done anything since but that has'nt stopped them before. i just want nothing to do w/ this user at all no messages, no items, no linden no notes no nothing. for the longest time as i've been around SL for quite a long time [since '06]) that you block someone, that was the end of it. you didn't deal w/ messages or anything. i'm happy to be with a relativity low block list thats users affecting me directly and not a bot or griefer going around a group that eventually gets purged. mainly just chat spammy objects. but this is the first Persistant user i've encountered in the nearly 12 years i've been on SL. anything outside just filing the AR i can do?
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