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  1. My friend has forgotten their password and their security question, they were wondering how the verification works through support? My friend also stated that they wouldn't have their card number since it's old and gone (if that's what they ask for for verification) so would they be able to verify with like name and dob????
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anybody had some stores to share with me? I've been looking for really cute stores that sell clothing for the maitreya body that are like e-girl & kawaii. I normally shop at spoiled and moon elixir so anything similar to that would be nice ♥
  3. Does anybody know of good places to hangout? Places where a lot of people are and aren't toxic (unlike korea1, london city, safe hubs, etc). I need places to chill, can either be with vc or without. :3
  4. Yes, this probably sounds COMPLETELY dumb. I was wondering if I was able to build a house in The Sims 4 or The Sims 3 and convert it to Second Life? Just because the building is very easy for me. I was thinking maybe just the build (no items of course) with like walls, stairs, roof and maybe some wall paint? Just something to start out with. Or should I use Sims 3/4 to build an idea and buy items from shop to rebuild it in SL? If that were the case, where can I buy stuff to build with in MP? Sorry for the confusion! I’m just new to all of this. ❤️
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