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  1. thanks but thats not helping lol I need some tips how to do it
  2. yea shape matters , but sometimes skin makes it look much different , at MP who knows which skin is used unless its mentioned. To look exact same you need exact same skin as well
  3. The UV map of Bodies is like it has two sides of arms , Upper and Lower , If i have to make a tattoo at center of arm so half is at Upper half at Bottom then how I'm gonna do it ? Do I need to cut the texture then place it on both , If yes then how to cut it in photoshop so it fits there ?
  4. LOL I wish there was a script that can copy all textures i applied on house to new one I'll upload , wait IS THAT POSSIBLE ?
  5. Rolig is Right , I didn't pay attention while uploading just set the low and lowest to zero then uploaded it. But now i textured every little piece of it and spent hours doing that, I don't wanna upload and texture again
  6. I uploaded a house model and some parts like wall and floor are pass through (phantom) , but in edit mode phantom is NOT CHECKED. Then why is it phantom , I also noticed the door doesn't let me pass through it even when open , I tried CTRL+ALT+T to see if some invisible thing is blocking my way but no , nothing there and i can't pass through it , Its very weird. Someone explain me whats going on and how i fix it ??
  7. No no I took that as a project AND that was a challenge for me to boost my skills , I just take an idea and make it my goal. I don't actually want to grief around.
  8. Oh I figured it out myself , JUST needed to Divide the Pos by Root Rotation . Its True that your Best Teacher is yourself. Thanks anyways guys
  9. It does push me See i used "llPushobject(llGEtOwner(),)" I'm pushing myself God , It IS POSSIBLE , My script pushes me so my avi hits the target but only if target is in front of me , i can't do calculations so it pushes no matter where target is
  10. This Scripts pushes the target pretty well , But only if target in infront he gets the hit default { state_entry() { llSensorRepeat("","",AGENT,0.7,PI,0.05); } touch_start(integer total_number) { } attach(key k) { if(k) { llResetScript(); } } sensor(integer n) { vector pos2 = llGetPos(); vector pos = llDetectedPos(0); llMoveToTarget(llVecNorm(pos-pos2)*llGetRot(),0.05);llSleep(0.05); llPushObject(llGetOwner(),<1,0,0>*999999999,<0,0,0>,1); llSleep(0.05);llMoveToTarget(pos2,0.2);llSleep(0.2); llStopMoveToTarget(); } }
  11. Its possible I seen it someone using it and works pretty well , trying to contact its creator but no response position/rotation calculations are confusing
  12. Trying to make a bumper that returns the bump when someone bumps me at no-rez no-push zone
  13. And Rolig I'm not trying to move THAT person back again , I will move myself back after my avi pushes target few meters away.
  14. You think i didn't know that , I wanna make a pusher that pushes in no-push zone Innula Zenovka
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