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  1. Hello! I'm starting to build up an 8192 plot with a city theme. I'm upgrading from a 1024 parcel so have a few q's about working with a larger space. There are a lot of backdrops and skyboxes I'm coming across that fit my theme perfectly. I don't have much experience with backdrops, and wondering if they are something that can be built into my city (for example, alleyway scenes.) Similarly, can (or would it even be desirable) skyboxes be used standalone on ground or inside dummy buildings? Is this whole line of thinking a waste of prims (not sure yet whether these would save prims or eat them up)? Am I better off just working from the ground up with full builds? Thanks for your insight!
  2. Lelutka DOES have BOM! Thanks for the heads up people. I've been testing out a bunch of different skins. Glam Affair seems to be the highest quality (am I too picky for being bothered by all the pixelated skins I keep coming across?) A few Genus ones from other designers have looked okay. The Catwa skins face doesn't quite line up on the structure of Greer (or at least the shape I have it set.) The inside of the mouth comes out of the lips so they look darkened in the middle. I will say, trying SHAPES made for different brand heads, even Lelutka Evo on an Origins looks super messed up lol. Any way, more demo'ing to be done! Hopefully now I can get used to BOM on Greer, and like @Marianne Little, I will also wait til an Evo head comes out I'm smitten with. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi! I have been using the Lelutka Greer for years and I love the look, animations, HUD... Problem is, it's been hard to find a shape/skin combo that looks fresh and up to date. I bought one of the Lelutka Evolution heads for an alt account a few months ago. It's pretty, but it was a huge bummer not being able to use Lelutka appliers that aren't specifically for the Evo line. It kinda feels like a sacrifice of options both ways: not many skins and shapes for Greer, and not the history of appliers for Evo. My question is, should I just bite the bullet and upgrade my main to an Evolution head? All the new skins and makeup I'm seeing released is BOM, which (I think?) Greer isn't compatible with, unless Leleutka has released an update Idk about. Are most people updating to BOM ready heads? If you have updated, are you happy with the selection of products, and how difficult was it having to do an overhaul of applier items in your wardrobe? As for other heads, I didn't care for Catwa when I tried it in the past. I see Genus has become a lot more popular. Anyone here a big fan of these heads? Thanks. ❤️
  4. Hi, I rented a home and there was an object a short distance in front of the house, flashing a light (by design.) The light is flashing into my home and on my walls and generally giving me a headache. I clicked the item and blacklisted it (firestorm viewer.) The object disappeared but the light did not!!! It's driving me mad, any tips? Thanks!
  5. Is it possible to make a room in a house/building private? Meaning, if someone is behind the door (or further away even), they can't shift the camera view to "peek" through the wall? All I can find are security systems that allow or eject persons onto land or a section of land. I believe even a next door neighbor could zoom in to your bedroom if they wanted to. Any way to prevent this?
  6. Hello! Does anyone know a way to sell video clips we create in second life? For example, have a video booth set up on our land, have a resident scroll through your video catalog, select desired video, pay $L then have the video stream in the booth for them? This is all original content so no copyright issues. I know how to have a media player (tv, etc) point to a website such as youtube. I would like the option of more than one media file, and the ability to pay per view. I'm wondering if there are any vendor items already created or scripts I can use to create my own object to make this happen. Thanks!
  7. Hello! Does anyone know a way to sell video clips we create in second life? For example, have a video booth set up on our land, have a resident scroll through your video catalog, select desired video, pay $L then have the video stream in the booth for them?
  8. Hi! I've been on SL a few years. I am an artist in RL and want to learn all I can using and developing my skills in SL. I've been researching, watching youtube vids, reading the forums etc all I can lately. I tried working with Blender and Avastar. I am well versed in Photoshop and would like to do some more work there as I continue to learn. The reason I am posting here today is to gain some insight to point me in the right direction. I have bought a few full perm mesh items. I would like to work on designing and texturing these, compiling themed objects and selling them on the marketplace for art/deco, or even designing buildings or skyboxes etc. It seems like this is something people do? I'd love to get my creativity going on something accessible to me, as I realize creating mesh myself is quite difficult for where I'm at. Are there any guides or write ups where I can read some more info on this topic? Specifically, I want to learn how to really design these pre built mesh items to make them my own, and how to put multiple objects together. Do I texture the files in photoshop, then apply textures and combine objects in world? Then how do I save them as I want them to show up on marketplace? Thank you so much!!!
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