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  1. Hola: Estoy buscando persona responsable, y comprometida con el tema propuesto para hacer la publicación de anuncios en grupos dentro de SL y redes sociales, fuera de SL, como Facebook, flickr, instagram y twitter. Por favor contacta conmigo a través de una nota en mi perfil, gracias. P.D: No tengo idea del precio que hay que pagar para este servicio, si alguien lo sabe y es tan amable de comentarlo, se lo agradeceria. Un saludo cordial a todos.
  2. Thank you Nikita. Like life itself .. in this virtual world there is also everything to know, good and bad people, but they all leave us something to learn. Kind regards
  3. There is the translator, luckily for both. And who knows, maybe we can have a nice chat with friends in spanenglish
  4. Thank you Anniemoreira ^^
  5. Hello all. I am a woman, 35 years old, I live in Argentina, I run my SL every day, I am almost always connected. I consider myself calm, dedicated to what I do. I am not going out to parties much, I prefer the simplest things and with less people around. I do not look for relationships for RL, only for SL. I am looking for a person who likes to be in SL, who spends time connected here. A partner for my SL. Especially speaking Spanish, be kind, companion and patient. We share things together, and if you like to design better yet, more things to share. A male, over 35 years of age. A
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