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  1. I don't know if this is has anything to do with the matter of these posts, but I am unable to change my profile pic and this has been happening for a month. Also I can't see my own pic in my profile in-world (just gray as if it was loading all the time) though in the webpage it's completely normal. Can anyone help me anyhow?

  2. On 4/6/2018 at 6:53 PM, carolinestravels said:

    If you do something of value, put a price tag on it. If you can not put a price tag on it, it is either:

    1. Begging


    2. An invitation to abuse you,


    3. Not worth much,


    4. All of the above,

    I am sorry but many good creators give their stuff for free. And also in RL many good inventors have donated their work to benefit humankind. Thanks God for them!!!


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  3. I, in fact, opened it and cleaned the fan nad when I screwed everythig again I did not tighten one of the screws inadvertently and that's what cause the laptop to shut off randomly. From what I have researched, the dissipator was probably not in touch with the motherboard due to not tightening the screws enough.


  4. Is there any way to demo the Genus  Head? I've been to their store and the way to demo it is clicking on a rezzer but it does not work, because there are so many avatars trying to do the same thing.... Seriously, no other way to demo? It's just nonsense!

  5. Speaking of scams i recently received an IM by something or someone called catwaibentoheads, sending me an update for Catwa Bento Heads, it was the V2.3. Since I don't own any Catwa Head I discarded it. But now it has happened again. Could this be a scam?

  6. I wanted to know how can some people be at the same time, in the same place with 5 alts. I happened to see this in a sim that has a vault that gives lindens, and they were all there with different names, sharing the last name and the date they were created, and they looked the same. Of course, they got the benefits of the vault far more times than the rest of us there. Since a vault is there to generate traffic, it does not seem fair to me that people are allowed to do this. What do you think?

  7. I still play this game, but they failed to say in the TOS now they have a new rule: You cannot claim a coin of 1 linden value or more if you haven't at least collcted 25 wooden coins, which sometimes is difficult to know, because usually you don't count all the coins you collect, so sometimes you may ende up waiting 5 minutes or so for a coin that does not give you anything., but a message saying "You need to collect more woodden coins". It would be far more easier if the TQ HUD had a sectoin where you could see if you can already collect a 1L coin.

     I can help implement this into the HUD if you need any help(This goes for TQ owners). Thanks for all the help to the forum.

  8. The point is I really wasn't looking for any help. I got unbanned yesterday, and as soon as I went to one of their lands , the "landlord" showed up to admonish me and say I was going to get banned for life if I didn't go to another lands as well. I felt persecuted. Really, is this necessary? I am afraid to do anything that will bother her. I just don't need this. I just want to complain and warn others.

  9. I just got banned from TQ for clicking on a gem that was behind the wall of a "castle", As a matter of fact I've been accused of camming or something like that, which I assume is to look for coins or gems with the search engine, which I haven't. I was near the gem and I spotted it because there is one point at going up the ramp of the castle where I can almost go through the wall. Even after explaining this I have been banned, and of course they will not pay me my well- earned  60 or so lindens , that I am trying to save to buy a body for my avatar since I cannot afford to spend not even a cent of real money on a game, given my precarious economical position. After I paid the administrator the linden I had earned clicking on that gem, I think I have the right at least to defend my position. There should be exceptions. I know there are people who abuse the game, but I am not one of them. I hardly earn 10 lindens a day the days I can play, so I don't see why I am the public enemy to be banned. And yes, I also think not paying me the money I had been saving for days is theft.

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