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  1. Nope. it said i was logged out by an administrator. and I cant log in until an hour later There is nothing in my email at all. nothing in spam or inbox
  2. how do i find out why it said i been logged out by an administrator D:
  3. I have over 3000kbps upload speed and over 40000kbps download so at 500 it shouldn't be having any issues
  4. No reason that I can see why it happens. it just simply does. even if both me and my friend are away from our computers and we come back. voice is "mysteriously" ended and im back in nearby chat we could be in the middle of a sentence and it'd happen. it happens randomly it doesnt matter what either of us are doing at the time. also doesnt matter if we have many programs open besides SL. or none open except SL my friend says it only happens with me and they've never had it happen with anyone else in the entire time they've played SL we also have lots of voi
  5. happening here too. randomly doesnt say someone is online until i message them.. or until someone relogs or comes online then they show as online but not previously online friends that were online when i logged in they show as offline till i message them or they message me or they relog.
  6. its not me though its my friend named kozypup thats his username in SL it IS enabled in all the places that shows you can enable it. like in the audio settings. and in the preferences. the checkboxes are all checked but voice still does not work. and it does not give him the usual voice cant connect to "url" error when he starts up SL.so really have no idea what the problem might be. you would have to contact him about it himself. but he seems to of given up.
  7. I have over 60000kbps download and over 4000bkps upload speed connection and i dont have any problem whether its at 500 or 3000 it just loads things faster for me at 3000 but my friend always has it at 500 and hes tried playing with it And yes he's already tried those things. and they are already set properly everything related to mic is enabled he's already sent screenshots it just DOESNT work. he's tried NEW COMPUTERS and a fresh install of SL and it still doesnt work it used to work a long time ago but then suddenly one day it didnt and he's already tried abs
  8. Help? Anyone? is it possible somehow their account got voice locked from being able to access voice or something as a punishment or something?? is that even a thing that could happen?
  9. i just gave up added the card back and used the instant buy option for the same amount and it used the US dollars credit instead of using something off the card. so all is good now thanks anyways.
  10. my friend has tried absolutely everything on that page. and it still isnt fixed its not a software or computer issue or internet issue. they let someone else try their account on someone's computer that the other person could use voice on. and they weren't able to use voice on my friends account so it seems to be an account issue of some kind!
  11. they arent controlling how i manage my money. thats not it.
  12. it just doesnt work they've even tried their friends computer and logging into their account and voice still doesnt work when they use their account What could be the problem if its their account thats making voice not work and not their SL settings or computer? Any ideas?
  13. its not my choice to remove the card payment method. its my parents. they just dont allow me to keep a constant payment method enabled. i cant help that.
  14. I was having problems and encountering errors doing it the normal way by clicking buy and trying to add my card and info after clicking buy instant so I finally gave up and added my card FIRST before attempting to buy anything That worked and then was able to buy the linden with the normal instant buy option. using the US dollars credit with the card added after it had succeeded and finished i checked that my money was in. it was. and then I waited a few hours and then took my card off since I dont want to accidentally be charged anything. I always take my card off a
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