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  1. The problem is not the money itself. The thing is that he probably will get away with that and do it again with another person and nobody will do nothing. I can not report him or something like thar? I don't care if i don't receive my money, but I want him to pay in some way, idk. I edit the post. Yeah. Ty
  2. So, on 01/31/2018 i bought an item on marketplace. The name was 1.::GB::Cyber Ninja set RARE (Signature) Flavio and the descripton said that was the complete set. I contact the owner of the store and asked him if it was really the complete set and he said yes. I bought and i receive a different thing. I pay 300ls and received another thing. I tried to IM the OWNER of the store, but he does not reply me and he just shut down the ad (it was on until now). What should I do? I want my money back, but if it depends on the store owner, I will not get anything. I need help. Order: #1466545301
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