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  1. Seems to be happening more. I may just block them, I just think its really odd. When I was off line this is all the times it came up. all different times too. Just from yesterday and the day before. I only saw this when they messaged me today, call these appeared with their message
  2. Hello, I have a concern and was wondering has this happen to anyone. One of my friends online is fairly new, few months. However from time to time when I log in it says this person has paid me $50L in a chat box(see picture attached) and it always comes across multiply times. But nothing is ever transferred. This has happened several times now. I asked them and they say that they didn't send anything and only has $50L in their account. It ONLY happens with this user. Could this be some kind of hack, just wondering. Any thoughts or answers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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