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  1. No it's not complicated at all. If a merceht ia deceitful he should be punished and the customer reimbursed. Now that's a fair system.
  2. I guess you must have missed the part where I said there was NO Demo. The reality is that not everyone is accustomed to not having an option to get a refund when you've been lied to, and to have to resort to begging. My opinion is that there should be an enforced regulation for any purchases, one that both merchants and customers should be subjected to, not this wishy washy system that is at the moment.
  3. The fact that they don't enforce the rules is quite the understatement. I mean getting harassed has no consequences on the harasser regardless how many reports you waste time sending. I've learned that in my short time in SL.
  4. It's also costly and time consuming for people who aren't aware that the MP can be abused like that. Anyway, I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, as ChinRey explaind.
  5. Pulls up a chair and waits for the diagnoses...
  6. What is it? It's a plane, it's a bird... no, wait it's just a smudge on the screen.
  7. Yeah, well at least going forward I know LL support isn't something you can't rely on.
  8. Thanks, I actually did that before I read this before reading this. As for the reply I received, it seems LL isn't "interested" in refunding anything you buy and leaves it up to you to beg for your refund from the merchant. Idk but this whole system seems antiquated to me. On a different note, I get a vague feeling of victim blaming by reading the above comments.
  9. Hello I just bought a hoverboard from the marketplace and it says there it's 100% Mesh, but it isn't, it's all prim. Had I known this fact I would have never bought the product, but the images seem convincing and I thought I was getting a high quality product but in fact it's all made of prim and looks bad in-world. The product doesn't have a DEMO version, of course. I have reported the product for false advertisement. I left a review that the product is misleading, and have sent the merchant a notecard explaining that I want a refund, but I don't think they are active in second life anymore.
  10. Yes.... because it's funny to laugh at people who are in a bad financial situation. I can't stop laughing. Soooo funny... not.
  11. Thank you. I didn't know about the group.
  12. Love Zhaoying, are you the troll around here?
  13. Thank you Clover. I'll look into what you told me.
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