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  1. It was abuse towards staff in the club...three of us...All chicks I am not sharing chat logs...and i have now go to the sim 3 times and the report doesnt go through. Called LL now and chat support, and still waiting back. Lol as for the comments "you can just leave..." you are right, I can, but why should a business here be allowed to continue to operate when they are abusing people in this world...for many SL is quite mich their first life as well and with it are we not somewhat obligated to deal with these issues?
  2. I want to know if I am allowed to publicise a conversation amongst a group of SL employees and three of us being verbally attacked. I am also concerned about the erhm Markerting of a specific place in SL using women to bring men in for the owners to be able to be all lewd with them, and behind the scenes the lady staffers are treated quite horribly... please some advice would be greatly appreciated....It was a nerve racking evening to say the least...but I don't want to violate any regulations.. or have me personally attacked... As i was last night in all of it...
  3. I am looking for something I can do creatively and get some pay. Looking to get myself baco and settled in SL before I jump into vr gaming. So yea hit me up inworld. Looking to learn anything new.
  4. I loved working here when I first started out...it was a wonderful beginning experience to SL, but i had to go away and since returning i have decided to return there...the staff is AMAZING and Caem is a wonderful boss...incredible team though...everyone backs each other up and helps each other out...a true team environment....Happy 13th!!!
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