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  1. maybe my firestorm is broken ....
  2. https://gyazo.com/9a8e5fdf2268e9c4a3e6455c75c295c8 i did this and it did the same thing
  3. huh? i typed Clarity and then my password said it was wrong im logged on the 2nd life website so
  4. idk what it is then cause thats what i used for username
  5. thats what i typed in tho
  6. Hmmm but then how do i fined out if im useing the right username
  7. it didnt work all it keeps shwoing me is this https://gyazo.com/a741f710da30f7e7e3b31c3b0446ec27
  8. i typed it fresh and im sure i downloaded the right firestorm i think x,x still new to it so im not sure on that one but the password is correct
  9. Well i am loged into 2nd life website thats the problem so im not sure why it wont let me log in on firestorm
  10. I got a new computer and i tryed to login to firestorm for 2nd life and it keeps saying my passwords wrong when it is correct im not sure what to do
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