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  1. Thank you for the honest input and not saying I get a mesh head just for the sake of getting one. I just assumed mesh was more refined and somehow better because of expressions etc. I think I might start with a body first as the weird angles my shoulders or knees make does bother me a little. TBH I have used the same/similar head shape since I started SL. A good skin can make a big difference as well.
  2. He who? I think you lost me a little.
  3. Thanks so much for the info! I feel a little but more educated.
  4. The first one is circa 2007... The second one I took a couple days ago.
  5. So I just came back to SL after about a 3 year break. Im trying to look into all the mesh heads and shapes and whatnot but am getting a bit overwhelmed. Does a head need to be Bento? Can I just buy a mesh head that wont cost me a fortune? If I can't afford anything right now does anyone at all still offer system shapes? I recall spending like $L2000 on amazing shapes from LAQ. Im looking for a bit of a change.
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