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  1. ROFLMAO - so i don't have to be a potato selecting each bone one at a time and keying it in When everything started going wonky I resorted to the one at a time method and keying in ALL values hahaha. This is great tho. With your tips I'm now getting exactly what I see in Maya in SL, I just wasn't keying properly. Hats off to you. I wish I could buy you a coffee or somethin' I'm on my way again.
  2. Therein lies the rub!! I kinda wondered if arm length had something to do with it and it most certainly does which makes animating for distribution a real sad affair because one animation will look entirely different on different avis. So I should only be keying in Rotate values? I'm guessing that needs to be done by hand for each bone? ... and that auto key setting in preferences isn't a good idea? This is really great. Most other programs for animation strip insane amounts which can make for having to do very exaggerated movements, ie a head turn. A subtle movement isn't possible as it just gets tossed out. I love your anim exporter as even the tiniest movement most often comes through, very awesome.
  3. Yea... I'm feeling a bit more than dumb lately :). I remembered the the 5th frame thing from your video a few hours after I created the post. While washing dishes I blurted out "oh dammit!!! and ran back to my desk :P. With that edit the feet stay planted on the ground but the hands still end up hovering about a foot off the ground. I'll whip out another one starting over. I figured I'd start doing a bunch of silly yoga animations as that would be a good way to see where all things could possibly go wrong and get them sorted before trying to do actual stuff. Do all the joints need to be affected before frame 5 or just the hip? I have no doubt it's SL or me as the exporter works flawlessly never hiccups or errors out so that's really nice. On a side note... Is there a formula for how many times it cycles through the animation before finishing the export? I can't seem to notice a consistent number. And yes, I'm in centimeters and z-axis. Grid size is 914.4 / 30.480 / 1. I import the animation file (.mb) into a new scene and merge namespaces so there's no conflicts: hence why I'm probably getting a larger looking grid. It seems be working ok. Thanks again for continuing to answer.
  4. Ok.... what kind of wizardry am I missing here This SL hip is gonna ruin what little I have left of my sanity! hahaha Hoping a video link works so you can see what I make vs what I get. I know I'm missing some magical fairy dust or smooth touch with that hip but the wonders are lost to me. http://jooleetee.zambooki.org/video/test.mp4
  5. I will be very anxiously awaiting this! In the last day or so I've figured quite a few things and am on my way. I've learned a ton to the point of my brain being near fried but I can now safely and happily leave Poser behind Thank you again for all of your help and for making an outstanding product. I'll be keeping a very close watch for the update !
  6. Is this compatible with the Mayastar animation skeleton? EDIT: I'm assuming since there's already a skeleton with Mayastar I don't need to "generate" one but when I use the Anim Export, I get the error AnimExport.mel line 199: ValueError AnimDeploy.py line28: No object matches name: hip.initHeight Update: After a few tissues and a little gin I gave up on the Mayastar animation skeleton and started from scratch with the bento rig. I'm positively delighted in your exporter. It's elegant and there seems to be very little loss. I stressed that poor girl out with every kind of bizarre hip rotation I could come up with and each time I was consistently able to upload it so I'm very grateful to you for creating the tool and making it available. I am curious how bad things are gonna go when I try to bring in the boy? (couples animations). I didn't see that you addressed multiple avatars in your videos. As Mayastar had a bit of a hefty price tag and I really like her animation set up, I'd love to figure out what these errors are and be able to use your exporter with it. Is that possible? On a side note. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or just coincidence but after I installed MyAnimate and went to run Mayastar's animation skeleton to animate... I started getting this. (See image) The controllers no longer follow the body on animation play. They just sort of hover there. No earthly clue what that is. Thank you again, I'm grateful for your responses.
  7. I've got that lovely albeit insanely intimidating thing in my cart. Here goes everything
  8. Thank you again Optimo for responding I solved quite a few issues spending nearly all day with it yesterday as I desperately want to move out of Poser and into Maya but I think I'm very used to a certain workflow in getting things to work so translating those mindsets to Maya has been... challenging. First, a keyframed Tpose at 1 seemed to solve the sitting issue. I can then go to frame 2 and put her in the position I want and it comes into SL fine. I can rotate the hip and spine and lift the legs into a sit. A lie down proved a bit bizarre to the point of giggles in that the legs get lifted, the spine gets flipped but so be it, I got it working I'm just noticing as I test this, that and a bunch of other things out that a hip rotation of any kind can either work fine or gets borked out on upload. I can't get a consistent "this works... or this doesn't" flow going at all. More often than not though as I'm testing I get the error "Unable to read animation file. Cannot get position values." I know it's because I moved the hip because I'll do the exact same animation but keep the hip rotations at zero and it uploads. I can't wrap my head around that at all because the human hip moves a lot and to have to keep it static seems like I'm just doing something wrong. The tpose at 1 seemed to work but that feels like an odd work around that won't always fly. If only When creating 5 sits for that rocking chair, she can't get up and walk into her sit when a user changes the pose.... if I understood that correctly? I rely heavily on start positions as I bring the furniture I want the avatar to sit or lie on into the scene. Thank you again for responding. I'm extremely grateful for any hints or tips that will give me that a-ha moment. I've been at this for 3 straight days and sometimes my eyes start to glaze over and I wonder if I'm missing something crazy obvious
  9. I have one more question if you or someone else could be so kind... ( and yes, I am using the HUMANIK rig) I mostly animate for furniture and things of that ilk so I'm frequently using sit or lie down positions. I've tried dozens of variations to get her to sit properly but the only thing that seems to work is simply lifting the feet into a sit. Any hip rotations whatsoever and either none of the animation gets read on upload or just what's animated above the hip will show and the legs will be straight down standing. Typically I rotate the hip backwards, bring the chest forward and align the legs but I've found myself unable to do that to achieve the results I'm looking for. I tried rotating only the spine but it doesn't work either. Same thing happens for a lie down position. Thanks again so much. EDIT: NVM.... Tpose 0 at 1 is a thing
  10. Optimo! Thank you so much for responding... a very simple and elegant solution, I'm delighted! I'm super excited about your tool and can't wait to get more in depth.
  11. I'm trying to create a looped animation and for the life of me can't figure out how to do it. I've mostly used Poser for animations whereby creating a smooth looped animation is done simply by copying all of the keyframes from the first frame of the animation and pasting them onto the last frame. It's looking a lot more complicated in Maya. Setting keyframes I've got down (ish) and my animation runs smooth and fine but this loop. I've tried the similar method of cut/paste keys to start and end but nothing happens except the neck bone goes berserk. Pre and post infinity cycles don't seem to return to the start of the animation smoothly... so I'm at a loss. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
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