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  1. I'm very interested in getting into ABC horse breedables. I want to start very small though and do it just for the fun of it to start with. Just a two or three horses and then sell the foals by renting stall space at actions on other sims. Am I allowed to rez/breed my horses at my house as long as I don't sell them from the house? My house is in the fantasy neighbor hood so I don't think it would be an issue with them being 'out of character' for the neighbor hood. And yes I realize they'd count toward my prim limit. at least I think they do? Id be ok with that.
  2. thank you Skell Dagger :). And Mysteriousdots, yes I know breeding them will be expenses as will props for role play if I chose to get into that. Im happy with my avatar and will pick up things and personalize her as I happen across stuff that strikes my fancy. In no rush there. It's the actual details of the breedables I need to learn about. How to go about doing different functions with them and the rules and such that that community requires of their members. I'm expecting to spend a decent amount of L$ to get going in the things I'm interested in, but I wont be buying anything to impress anyone else. SL is my hobby and stress vent from RL. Not looking to please anyone but myself with how my Avatar looks
  3. I'm looking for a buddy, (though I wouldn't say no to more than one ) to hang out with in second life. I'm up for a plutonic guy or gal pal to just hang out with. If your a single guy and we hit it off down the road awesome but that's not really what I'm looking for with this thread. I'm hoping to find either a seasoned SL resident who can show me the ropes or a newbie like myself to stumble with and trip and learn and laugh about it as we do. My major want would be for us to have similar interests. Two big ones for me are Breedables particularly ABC horses as I plan to try to really get into that, and the other would be Role Play, I'd love to join a fantasy medieval, fantasy fae/fairy, or possibly some type of other very similar style RP with either someone who knows what they are doing and has the patience to deal with a total newbie at it and second life in general or is a newbie them self and willing to stick by me through the hills and valleys of learning as we go. Other interests I have in game that it would be fun to share with someone revolve around exploration.. natural parks, clubs, amusement parks, games, horseback riding, ect. I'm up for checking most anything out together. Things to be aware of.. my comp lags a bit in heavier traffic areas and takes a few min to load heavily detailed sims. Not to the point where I can't play it just sometimes takes a little for everything to start flowing. Also I haven't got a microphone so I'm limited to chat. hoping to eventually remedy both of these issues. any takers?
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