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  1. Thanks. So there is no way to reduce the allowed objects on a parcel below the sq meter base when you divide the land. If you use the bonus to allow one parcel to exceed the 1250, all the parcels in the region can exceed the limit if the other parcels haven't reached their default 1250 limit. There is no way to limit a parcel to 1050 objects with the Parcel and Region tools from what I can see. Is that correct?
  2. I was curious if there was a way to change the object limit in a parcel in a private region when you separate your land into smaller parcels. Specifically, if you sub-divided a homestead in 1/4s, is there a way to set the parcel limit to 1050 on three of the parcels? I know you may increase the objects per parcel through the bonus feature in the Region Details window. Thank you!
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