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  1. I came from Imvu, I wanted to make the switch for so long but had no idea how to use Secondlife. Finally I said I have to teach myself how to use Secondlife and i'm so happy I did! I'm not trying to bash either but there is a different dynamic to Secondlife where as Imvu is more of a chat room and not a virtual world.
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    Locked up

    I’ve been having the same issues. I’m glad it’s not just me. I’ve reinstalled and installed and tried different viewers.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any recent problems with firestorm viewer not working. What has been happening to me is when I log on I will be able to freely move for about 2-5 minutes and then my avatar won’t be able to move and I’m not able to write anything in chat boxes. After that I have to relog again just for it to happen minutes later. It’s almost like crashing but the viewer doesn’t actually crash. I tried to see if it was only happening at the land I own but it’s everywhere. Thanks for the help.
  4. The other day I was looking for a new roleplay sim and I stumbled across the sim "Unruly Island" I decided to drop in. It turns out everyone there was pretty friendly. Most of the renters and employees were on voice conversating. This place has become one of my favorite places because of how gorgeous it is and how social the community is. http:// maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crescent%20Springs/128/128/3243 This sim is based in the Caribbean Islands, the lush jungle and bushes portray a unique, gorgeous, tropical theme. While walking around more I found that there was a jungle that hosts dinosaurs amongst the urban sim. There is a large amount of unique homes on the sim. There was very elaborate mansions along with jungle slums. Id like to also add that the community has many different destinations such as a bar, beach, and strip club. This place has become on of my favorite paradise destinations.
  5. I like this idea a lot. Not only does it give you a fun place to live with possible roommates but it seems you would be meeting friends all the time. You would be able to do a lot of community events as well to keep gets entertained. All around a great idea.
  6. My name is Jade Arden, also not very lonely but down to talk to anyone who is. I live in Morningwood Valley. Some of my favorite things to do are go to events in the community, horse back riding, or sailing across the SL ocean. I’m pretty friendly but can come off a little shy.
  7. Hey! My name is Jazz. Ive been on second life for about three months. I just recently made the switch from imvu to second life. I would like to have that one friend I can count on when I’m online or just someone to hang out and adventure the virtual world with. More about me: Currently I’m in the process of moving into the wonderful community of Acacia Falls. There It will be me and my dog Mack. Visitors are welcome! I’m very social and love to meet people. I enjoy surfing, vacations, board games, fashion, and exploring places I haven’t seen. There’s a lot more to me than I can explain in this post so that’s just something you’ll have to learn on your own. Other random info... I’m single, favorite junk food is pizza, my dog is a Great Dane, my favorite season is summer. I’m 23, forgot that detail. If having a sister comes with having a family that’s fine with me. If not it’s still awesome! Message me in world @miilkhoney or write here in the forum I’ll make sure to keep an eye out! have a beautiful day! ♥️ Jazz
  8. Hi there! I’m a new user looking for some friends feel free to add me.
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