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  1. I was online last night using the FireStorm viewer with no issues with this avatar. I updated the Viewer and as I logged in I notices the layer around the waist and upper leg was invisible. I reset the alpha layer multiple times with this avatar but it will not correct, Always going invisible as I redo it. I even used a different copy of the Fitted Torso and it was still doing it. It works perfectly fine with my other avatars but for some reason this one is not working properly. I took off the Fitted torso to be sure that was the issue, and I have no problems with the kemono avatar if it is not on. Does anyone know how I could fix this issue? I would rather know a fix for if this happens in the future than have to remake the avatar only to have this happen again.
  2. How do I do that? sorry I have never had to do that before. Nevermind, just cleared it and it seemed to fix the problem thank you :3
  3. Ok, so I logged into second life today to find every single one of my kemono body avatars messed up. I have reset the skeleton and animations and they are still not fixed. Is this issue happening with anyone else or is this just some kind of problem with mine? I was online last night and there was no issue with the avatar but today they all look like this. I have tried the deformer and anything else I could think of to fix this but nothing has seemed to work.
  4. actually looking into it, it may be better to rent a skybox, I would prefer it wasn't furnished though, the issue with land is finding a home I'm happy with
  5. I guess that I could, just most of the land I've looked at is a lot more area than I was wanting
  6. let me look into that, I have a skybox apartment building I was wanting to use but I do not know the dementions yet
  7. I have been looking at renting a skybox for a while now, as I don't have use for a whole lot of land. But I wanted to find something empty that I could completely make my own. I have been looking for a while and they all seem to have a building or full furniture in them. I was looking to rent something around 1,500L$ to 2,000L$. preferably in a Mature or Adult area, that is relatively secluded. If anyone knows of an area like that I could rent from please let me know. It would be very appreciated.
  8. I found one called Feral Passion
  9. Thank you so much SAULGOODiE I'll look into it!
  10. I mean there are so many high quality animal avatars I am sure there is one out there, that's why I posted this thread.
  11. I have found some for my humanoid avatars but I am looking for one that's main focus is more animal like characters, more so that walk on four legs and things like that. I would be surprised if there wasn't one already
  12. I was really curious if there were any fun role-play sims for people who use animal avatars like the Timber Wolf that I use. I haven't found one yet but I have only been looking for a few days... It can be PG or Mature I don't have a preference on which but I was hoping to find a sim for this.
  13. Okay, so I have had several people recommend the Belleza - Jake body, But I cannot find it in the marketplace and No one has told me where I may be able to get it In SL. I have seen it on blogs and been able to find mesh clothing for the avatar but as to finding the body itself or even the seller I'm at a loss. I am sure someone on the forums knows where to get it so I figured my best bet was to ask on here and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Hopefully I will be able to find it soon.
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