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  1. Hmm what can I say, not a lot of good things to say about hosts/hostesses in these replies, that's kind of sad. I think the one piece of advice I would give someone who was thinking of becoming a host/hostess is to think of it as inviting people into YOUR home for a party, you entertain, treat them with respect and attempt to make them feel at HOME in your home. Along with that you also have a responsibility to both the DJ and the venue, you are expected to increase traffic, increase tips to the DJ and the venue. Also every venue is different there are no set in stone rules. Some places will encourage certain behavior that others forbid it is YOUR job to adapt to those standards. The most important aspect is to SERVE the customer, whether that customer is a guest,, the DJ or the venue. One more thing, have fun, if you are not having fun there is no point in expecting others to.
  2. Still debating whether to make the jump from classic head to mesh head. Much more challenging to retain your LOOK with the mesh heads I have found. Patience, attention to detail and a good idea of what you are seeking are keys to succeeding. Bento heads just offer a lot of options with photography which is something I enjoy. I have tried to maintain my look from the first day but as with all things it has evolved over time. Anyone that is making the jump from classic avi to mesh or classic head to mesh head should just realize exact duplication is probably not going to happen. Embrace the change!
  3. I had the same concerns when I decided to commit to mesh, I was terrified that I would lose ME in the process. It didn't happen I was able to get very very close by paying attention to small details. Proportions is also important. Use an image of your classic avi as you are designing your mesh and you will be more likely to capture the essence of your old look if not the exact representation. Most important have fun doing it. I am so glad I made the jump and still have the connection to my classic avi. Make sure you tell us what you decided to do. Good luck!
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