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  1. I can say it is really annoying, to be put into a database without consent or knowledge of being in there. And the owners of said systems, will not let you opt out. It has nothing to do with intellectual property. It has everything to do with decency and respect, I wouldn't go and drop someone into a subscriber without their consent. So what gives them that authority to do so? And why can't they allow for an opt-out option?
  2. I am frustrated too, it does get annoying that they do that. But I am not gonna take someone else's work and distribute it freely to everyone. That is against TOS if I remember correctly. Unless you got the expressed consent from the creators themselves, which I highly doubt that. Look we get why you are doing it, but you need to also understand, you need to report these people if they do this kinda stuff to you.
  3. Actually, those HUDS, work in non-scripted areas as well. They called it, a non-invasive script. It basically works like some Griefing HUDS, they use scripts that override that specific permission. So if you were to go to a no script entry area, you could still, in fact, be bitten. Not that it makes it any better, just wanted to inform you.
  4. So Does that mean they will be released, once you are able to Iron out all the problems.?
  5. With EEP, does this mean that SL will be getting a total lighting overhaul? Including Shaders, God Rays, etc.
  6. I still would love to see a search function, added to our purchase history
  7. Look up Foxcity on YouTube, I will actually give you their link. It taught me how to get better at lighting. I really hope this helps with your quest. ♥
  8. I was playing around with lighting today, as I am gonna sit down and take a bit to learn about taking the perfect picture in SL, and well this happened.
  9. If you can't send something, I presume it comes right back to you.
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope you have a safe and fun holiday. ♥Insert other media
  11. Actually I always wondered, why there was never a function, to only allow certain people to message you, or even send you items. Like Facebook, you could have a setting, where only friends could send, friends of friends could send or everyone could send.
  12. For the More, I use an alt, as an L Bank Account, and a storage unit, for a tonne of textures I have.
  13. Yeah, the Rabbit is the oldest SL troll in the book. You click the link, and it changes your appearance to the rabbit. It is actually really cool actually.
  14. But if you put a "waiting list" you would lose customers too. Why don't we just leave things as they were then, that is the best way of doing things. We have tools in the viewers, we could use. However, no one uses it. Using a new "waiting list" system. Would just introduce more scripts, constantly listening, which would add to the lag. So as I said before in this statement, leave it the way it was.
  15. My stance is this, yes you are gonna wait to get in. But we have always had to wait to get in when the sim was full. We went about our business, but to implement a "Waiting list" as it were. I think would fail, one with the scripting, and two with the amount of time each person takes at an event. Some people turn it into an all-day excursion, some people just park their avatars, and sit there AFK and doing stuff for 8 plus hours RL. Instead of actually trying to create a queue, have event creators, use their tools that are put in the viewer. To put a time limit, on how long each person is there. So after that, they get kicked. It would be a better alternative than to add another scripted system.
  16. I was saying that it would turn into, when would I get in? People would be uncertain of when they would be able to get in. That and some people may be SOL even going to the event. A queue, which is a good idea in theory. Would be a terrible idea in practice. Imagine this, if you had to wait, and your waiting time or number was in the high ones, and by the time it got to you, the event you really wanted to go to, was over. Is it too bad so sad, maybe next event? Like I really don't get this whole approach. How would it benefit the event organizers? The only people who it would benefit were the impatient people.
  17. No just do what the rest of us does, be patient and wait to get in. Your best bet is to go about a week after the event opens, as the hype dies down. But this is my problem, no one has the patience anymore. They just want instant results, and that is it. Trust me, I want to get into a tonne of events. But I usually wait, and then go and get what I want.
  18. But what do you mean exactly? Will it be all sims, that are required to do it? Like if on my home sim, would I have a time limit to be there? I don't get it, and really think going that far, is not the way to go. It should not be put on the shoulders of LL as a whole. It should be done by people who run events, and that being said. Not a lot of people would be happy, having to take a number to get into the sim. I do it a lot for some of the medical places I go to, but to implement it at events. I would have to totally disagree with that, that queue could take days, even weeks, or you could be SOL and not be able to go to the event because you had to take a number.
  19. I figured it out, used Reset Skeleton and Animations in Firestorm.
  20. That's pretty freakin cool, I can't wait until it drops
  21. Wait, is that firestorm your using? How did you get the updated viewer?
  22. No problem, I know a few people who were outright banned from buying from their vendors. You can do it with Casper, so I can imagine you can do it with the other ones too.
  23. So because content creators in SL are somehow evil, way to put all under an umbrella. That is how I am reading it, it is ethically okay, to go and disrespect their wishes? Try explaining that to a cop, when you break into a store to get something, using the argument it is ethically okay to do so. You would still be charged with theft. Look they are allowed to take breaks, and ask people to not go into their stores, or purchase stuff, from neighboring regions. I think it's more ethical to listen to their request and just wait. Do you really need the item right now, or can you be patient for a couple of days?
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