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  1. THE WIZARD OF WOR would beat both of them up and snap their skulls, the fools But of the 2, He-Man would beat up Capt America, he would punch him and make him cry. He-Man would also beat up Superman and Batman, he would hit Superman and send him flying across the solar system so he ended up on Neptune and burst out crying. Capt America would lose a fight to Snoopy, he is a wimp and sissy and I hate him. Mike Tyson would hit him so hard it would shove broken nose bone into his brain
  2. I saw it on the map. I haven't gone as I don't want to be processed. What's there?
  3. You need the object for when you encounter the Wizard of Wor for the first time.
  4. You need to go to the dancing school in SL suggested places and approach the right dancing bot (there are three). Pay them 1L. They will then give you an object you must keep (or else you'll never progress) and a LM.
  5. The Wizard Of Wor The Wizard Of Wor The Only Thing Worth Joining SL For!!
  6. Would Ebbe Linden feel a direct threat to his authority if the Wizard of Wor roamed SL? What do you think?
  7. 4) One bite from my pretties, and you'll explode, ha ha ha ha! 8) Remember, I'm the wizard, not you. 11) If you destroy my babies, I'll pop you in the oven! Ha ha ha ha!
  8. Imagine two parallel universes collide and WIZARD OF WOR becomes integrated into Second Life...so red scorpions roam across all sims attacking residents and the Wizard of Wor himself taunts residents and zaps them (destroying them permanently). Do you think this would improve SL or be to its detriment?
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