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  1. Thank you for clearing this up, I was looking for a while under Avastar features. Will see what I can do now EDIT: Fantastic, having managed to locate the vertex weights feature I have now resolved my issue and want to thank you both now my avatar head is moving right in all it's vertexes!
  2. Thank you for clearing this up, I was looking for a while under Avastar features. Will see what I can do now
  3. I can't find Vertex Weights, hm don't think i have the option for now
  4. Limiting the vertex groups to 4 did not make any difference. Using the zero weight button, it tells me there are no unweighted vertexes. Where is the "N" pane? I didn't manage to find Component Editor yet
  5. Greetings everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I am making good progress on my models but encountered one issue as I am weighting a head for an avatar. Everything works fine, except for one vertices or pixel that is just about microscopic. I have tried a lot of different solutions but in vain, despite weighting the head fully red and other nearby bones in zero weight at the mouth, there is still a vertices or pixel that is moving around, flicking as if it has been weighted to an eye bone .. but even if i set all weights as zero in eye bones, the issue persist. I have made sure to fully weight the whole head, but still the issue persist of a little vertices or pixel flicking around and creating a spike on the side of the mouth. Been looking around but not managed to get any support on my particular question. Anyone knows what might be the cause of this or how to solve it? Cheers.
  6. Joint positions seem to have done the trick! My avatar now looks like it is holding up appropriately, I do however have some polishing of weights left to do. I want to thank you for all the guidance, OptimoMaximo with your help I have also managed to learn more on rigging and in turn I can better help others out.
  7. I usually try the beta grid for test uploads, only recently all it ever tells me on the login is "Login failed. Unable to connect to a simulator." no matter what i do.
  8. Thank you so much for the pointers, OptimoMaximo. I have made a lot of progress on short time now and currently working on the weighting of the avatar. Only issue I have is a few of the limbs become compressed though and I have tried a variety of weightings but the results remain the same. It occurs at the kneepads, the wrists and elbows.
  9. I think this is what I have been trying to do all along, but weighting this is an absolute nightmare and when you snap the base to the rig, it becomes an anomaly of deformed body parts the "slight joint differences" are pretty big on some parts on my model this is the result so far after i used automatic weights is it best to weight each node and bone manually, or is it best to automatically make weights and then do the weighting manually?
  10. Optimo Maximo thank you for the response and support so far. I will check this out shortly and keep you posted.
  11. Greetings everyone, and thank you for the time. I have been working to prepare a new avatar of mine, my latest and I have rigged up and made a lot of avatars before so while I am not a professional user of Blender, i am familiar with it and in making mesh avatars for Second Life. This time, i have decided to prepare something non-human where the shape I have i made it hunched a bit, however with bi-pedal legs and a hunched stature it makes aligning and working out the template armature really advanced for me. Too advanced so far, I have tried a lot of things but in vain. After sweating with this for a while, now I would like to turn to anyone experienced in rigging avatars where I have not managed to succeed and request support if anyone wishes to rig up my non-human model for me and turn it into an avatar. I would also like to be sent the file and work as an educational means so that I can study and learn how all of this works out with non-human models. It would mean so much if I could have support with this. I would offer lindens for the trouble if this is preferred, though it should be discussed first. Feel free to drop me a message under the username Krokheimer in Second Life, too. Hope to hear from you soon, Krokheimer
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