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  1. So I wonder if the new signup page has anything to do with this: And perhaps more importantly (for me at least) item 7 on that list: 7. The return of Last Names - You’ve asked for it (a lot!), so we will provide a way to customize your last name in Second Life! More details will be available later this year. (Entry posted by Linden Lab · March 21, 2018)
  2. Wow, These are all looking awesome That much seems true. Thank you all for your input ... Looks like I'm going shopping on payday
  3. Hi All, I have come back to SL after an extremely long break (everyone was still using prim clothing and mesh didn't exist when I was here last), So obviously this a new avatar for me. I've looked around for a while and have come to a conclusion ... there are no ""normal"" shaped male avatars (please for the love of everything that's holy prove me wrong) By normal, I mean an avatar that doesn't look a homage to the incredible hulk. While I'm assassinating new looks and progress .... does anyone know of any skins that won't make me look like i'm in my early 20's ... or late 80's. Something in between (maybe 40's to 60's ?) Thanks in advance HelllYeah
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