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  1. Hi Eric, good to hear from you. This all sounds very exciting indeed. I'm afraid I'm not very techie in nature, but I'm always on the lookout for new RP opportunities - especially involving science fiction. My flickr pics record some of my earlier ST RPing https://www.flickr.com/photos/ricardoskotadi/. So do post any further news when available. I'd be very interested to hear how you get on. Best of luck in your endeavours, Ricardo
  2. Hi Victoria - I'd be delighted to meet for a coffee. Am honest and open - do check out my profile and flickr. The only issue is that my timings are a bit erratic due to travel. But hopefully we can hook some time for a chat. If you would like to meet, I suggest you first send me an IM in world to kick things off. These are forwarded to me by email so I can reply pretty much respond round the clock Hope to hear from you. Ricardo x
  3. Hi Skell - thanks for this. This is where you find out just how non technical I am I had in fact seen these appliers but thought that I would need one specifically for the Gianni body. Is that not the case? if not, would it therefore be simple case of matching the head with the nearest body and somehow try to fuse the colors of my Aeros head neck with the new body? Very grateful for your and readers' assistance.
  4. Hi Chic - that's so helpful, for which, thanks very much. Alas it looks like there is no Aeros applier for the signature Gianni body which is my favourite choice so will cast the search net a bit wider. Thanks again for you help and if there are any other aeros Maxwell owners out there also looking to upgrade, i'd be interested in getting together and pooling our knowledge
  5. Hi there - I have an Aeros Maxwell 'mature' avatar and am thinking of upgrading to mesh. Am quite keen to keep my head and have looked only at Signature Gianni bodies so far. Am not technically minded so thought I would ask if anyone has upgraded their Maxwell and if so, what did you choose by way of upgrade body? Thanks in advance! Ricardo
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