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  1. call me in world only no rl and I do love being spoiled and pampered. \tY
  2. help... my eyes keep going weird when I turn on advanced lighting in firestorm preferences.. is there a fix?
  3. American Cancer Society Dream Homes Draw ~ Don't miss getting entered into this valuable dream homes draw .. you could win one of three dream home packages worth thousands of lindens... just by visiting the following link... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/American Cancer Society/45/46/502 and you can get even more entries with every donation you make at our donation kiosks outside the dream homes AND also receive a great THANK YOU MYSTERY GIFT along with your FREE ENTRY into the Raffle.
  4. 2018 Dream Home Raffle Fundraiser for American Cancer Society Come visit us at the American Cancer Society http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/American Cancer Society/45/46/502 and receive a free draw entry just for stopping by. You can get even more chances to win with every donation you make.... and also receive a FREE MYSTERY GIFT just for entering. Don't miss this great opportunity to win thousands of lindens in prizes and know that you are really helping people who suffer with Cancer all over the world and their families! God bless you everyone!
  5. This is an opportunity to invest is the best mainland available in sl... your own piece of heaven.. The land currently is designed and decorated with a beautiful top quality designer home for your enjoyment .. furnished and lots of little extras,,, even a boat launcher.... Contatct me if you want more information 55000L.. far below market value.. Save thousands on this rare land.. YOu may also choose to clear it and put your own things up if you would rather.. there is no covenant and you forever never have to worry about someone blocking your amazing view of the sea.
  6. hi nargon.. did you find your land yet? I have a beautiful spot.. .sailable water... protected and no covenant so you are able to have yoru shop here... perhaps in a skybox and use land for your own personal pleasure... Please contact me if your interested.. heres the url http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Andresson/10/230/25
  7. Rare Beauty and exquisite view from this amazing luxury home in Andresson! You can sail or take your sea plane and fly all over the open seas around the world and enjoy world travel from your own dock and jettys. This land is protected so you never have to worry about a spoiled view and can enjoy your home in peace and tranquility. There is no covenant so you are free to use the land as you wish... It is your little heaven on earth! 55000L is a fantastic price .. parcels half this size normally sell for as hi as 40K. Hurry before it is snapped up. You can visit it at the following link by
  8. Pageant Entries Now being accepted for the American Cancer Society Queen of Hope Pageant The Search is on for our first Queen of Hope for the 2019 Queen of Hope. You can obtain your entry package here at the American Cancer Society Land..http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/American Cancer Society/45/46/502 . Get in on the action now.. The ten contestants with the most votes will move on to the finals from which our Queen and two princesses will be chosen... Entry fee is only 250L and goes to American Cancer Society. Package includes a Valuable Evening Gown that i
  9. This pageant is open to everyone in Second Life... We are searching for a Queen who is beautiful, well spoken, kind and generous with a heart full of Hope to share with cancer sufferers and their friends and families across Second Life. Our queen will receive a generous prize package worth thousands of lindens.. including a beautiful estate mansion, vehicles, clothing , jewelry and much much more.. A one of a kind crown has been created for her by Zuri Rayna herself! It is exquisite in detail.. and Zuri has also created two amazing tiaras for the two princess runners up who are chosen.. To sig
  10. hi there,, take a look at my 1024 sq m lots... sailable,, protected land .. your view will never be ugly... people can't rez in front of you or ruin your view.. 32000L Contact me in world if you would like to see it... JennyDearest..
  11. Rare Sailable Land on Andresson. Beautiful Protected Land with No Covenant... means you can do anything you like with it... store, private residence etc... No tier if you are a premium member and you can sail around the world. I only have two lots left for sale... side by side. Hurry before they are gone....Negotiable . Contact Jenny Dearest for more informationhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Andresson/10/230/25
  12. Rare Mainland, Beautiful Sailable Waters, Protected, For Sale... negotiable.. I have to land plots that size for sale side by side.. will negotiate if you are interested in both 32000L each.
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