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  1. I wasn't around for the heydays of Second Life, so it seemed unrealistic to me to be able to make a 6 figure income just from selling clothing. I've heard of SL millionaires but those are mostly real estate agents. And heh I don't expect to be able to quit my RL job selling cosmetics in SL. I recently discovered a make up store named Adored and it just inspired me to try making my own and possibly selling them.
  2. So I've been considering starting up a small business in SL, selling cosmetics and possibly skins in the future when I've improved my skills, and been contemplating whether it is going to be worth it or not. I imagine the biggest money makers are obviously land owners and people that create sex beds/toys/animations etc. I saw a person within SL say yesterday that they used to make six figures just from selling clothing and cosmetics which I thought was rubbish. I can't imagine even the top clothing makers in the market making anything over 50k a year even back in SL's heyday. I do know people used to make quite a lot of money in SL, but six figures, really? Enlighten me people. x'D
  3. Second Life relationships are srs business
  4. I'm thinking of giving this make up away as a freebie. I also need to start testing everything on Genus now since it is becoming more popular.
  5. Just made this one and I couldn't be happier with how it came out... wanted to make an oil slick look to practise working with multi hues.
  6. Thanks guys, and thank you for all the helpful info Alyona. I will definitely make BOM versions and now that I have a few decent things to put on the market I'm looking more seriously into selling them. Just need to come up with a good store name, logo, branding designs and such.
  7. And the make up I've made, excluding eyelashes which are CatWa but the ones in the other pics are my own.
  8. Hi everyone. I just (nearly) finished making my own skin and thought I would post it here. It is not fantastic and looks a bit basic but I'm happy with it since it was my first attempt. I just noticed when taking pictures that the face is brighter than the body... lol, so I'm gonna have to fix that. I've also made some make up. I was consider selling them but don't know how to make my own applier HUDs since I know nothing at all about scripting.
  9. Yeah I figured it out after a bit, thank you. Is there any benefit for using PNGs instead of TGA?
  10. Lol I figured it out I should've been saving as PNG instead. Ignore my dumb ass lol.
  11. Sorry to ask a question that's already been asked probably 598 times but I'm stupid. I drew my lashes using Catwa UV in Photoshop CS 6, made an alpha channel but it doesn't show as transparent in SL no matter what I do. My channels look like this. I save as .tga and make sure alpha channels is checked but I must be doing something wrong. Do I have to save with only the alpha channel visible? Or do all the channels have to be visible?
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