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  1. Already explained myself and all I needed, I'm never coming to the forums again though so have fun replying to yourselves and making fake stories. d: This is the same exact reason why people don't use the forums, pathetic people like you. Hope it was fun though, what a waste of time for me. :3 Feel free to IM me in-world though if you want to become friends. c: I'm a nice guy! Bye bye. ♥ logs out forever
  2. I have 1 account, the one I don't play on anymore. I play on my friend's alt account now because she doesn't use it. I didn't want to use up all my L buying another mesh body and head to become a male since I was already a female. I like playing as a female in games because it's fun, I don't lie or fake my gender. It's just roleplay, if people ask about my RL gender then I tell them the truth. Not once did I fake or lie about it. I don't know what you guys are even doing this for anyways. Account sharing is not against the rules either, I looked it up and people said it wasn't against the TOS, just to be careful. Unless they changed that, it was about 4 years ago the post I read about it.
  3. You guys are making it seem like I'm a bad person and a troll and I am so confused what the hell I did wrong lmfao. I came to forums to look for certain things and also meet new friends, what did I do wrong? I really don't know.
  4. Calling me out on what though? :3 I'd really like to know. I made my Jixxur account awhile ago but never played on it until about 3 weeks ago. Then After playing for about 2 weeks I met a friend who gave me her alt account, I now play on her alt account. What is the problem? I'm genuinely confused and you people are being mean for no reason, at least that's what I feel like. This is why people don't use forums lmfao.
  5. You guys are so pathetic, holy moly macaroni. I'm wasting my time with you lmfao, good luck though. c:
  6. Aww Naly, so very sweet of you. Thank you very much! :3 ♥
  7. Hello! I tried looking your name up on the search but was unable to find you, hopefully you see this! Feel free to IM me in-world if you're still wanting to talk, thanks for replying. ♥ Just search up "AceWalsh".
  8. Wow thanks alot man, that makes me feel better about my post then. I've never done something like this so thanks for the awesome reply! ♥
  9. Yes! See I'm not the only one hehe. SL is just so perfect for people like us.
  10. Awesome! I looked you up and saw you love cats, I DO TOO! I have tons of cats inside my house and I'm going to get even more, hehe. It showed your status as offline but I sent a message to you if you ever come back online, just message back if you'd like! We can show each other how our houses look and how we did with decorations and stuff, even hang out. Sounds awesome. Age doesn't matter to me. Thanks for replying! ♥
  11. Before we get into this, please read what I'm about to say.... What I think of as a friend is someone who actually talks to you, takes the time to message you first when they see you've come online or when we haven't spoken for awhile. Friendship is a 2 way thing, I message you first sometimes, you message me first sometimes. If you're going to wait for me to message you first EVERY SINGLE TIME, I'm not going to do it and I'll most likely delete you because I assume you don't want to be friends anymore. Message me first sometimes, don't make me do it every single time. Also let's hang out, that's what friends do. They hang out and spend time together, do things together, have fun together. Don't just be another person on my friends list, sooner or later, I'll delete you. I don't keep people on my friends list if we don't talk. Just wanted to let everyone know before this happens, I'm sure it will happen still but whatever. I tried. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there, my name is Matthew. Nice to meet you! (Thanks for clicking on my post, hopefully I'm able to interest you enough into becoming my friend, a long term one at that.) About me In RL my age is 21, I like to think of my SL avatar being the same age as me. But if you're ever wanting me to become older, for role-playing purposes, then just let me know! And yes, I love role-playing, any kind really. So if you're into it as well then just let me know! Or just start role-playing out of nowhere, I'll do it back, hehe. What I usually do on SL is just sit around popular sims and wait for people to message me, or look at people's profiles and see if they interest me and say hi. Most of the time they never respond or they say hi, we talk for a couple minutes then they disappear. But SOMETIMES I meet really nice and awesome people, which is how I found my few friends I have now. Other times I'm at my house sitting or decorating, I've never decorated before so it's fun to discover new things to put inside my house from the marketplace. I currently have no job or school so that lets me play SL basically all day and all night, which is what I do. So you will see me online almost all the time. Even when I sleep in RL I will, 95% of the time, leave my game open with me sleeping in a bed. I live in America and I live in the EST timezone. That is SLT +3 if you didn't know. I also play SL as if I were playing RL. I talk and act the way I would in a real life situation, it's just fun for me. I'm able to say all these things I would never be able to say to a real human face to face. I'm a very shy person in real life so SL is perfect for someone like me, I don't play as a shy person in SL because I hate being shy. I'm also able to do things I'm unable to do in RL as well, which is ANYTHING. I just love it so much. So as I said, I spend most of my time on SL. I will have it running 24/7, usually, but that doesn't mean I will always be there. I have 2 monitors so I'm able to do 2 things at once. Most of the time when you see me AFK standing there or I'm not responding to your messages, I'm either watching youtube on my other monitor or I'm playing League of Legends. Yes I play League of Legends. So if you do too then let's add each other! It'd be fun to play every now and then whenever we get bored of SL or have nothing to do, or just need a break from SL. Can always switch back and forth. I play on NA though, usually ranked but we can play normals if you want. I have multiple level 30 accounts and low level ones as well, mostly at level 1-15 that I need to level up eventually. My main account is ranked Platinum in Flex Queue and Gold in Solo Queue. We can talk more about it if you're interested, just let me know! I'm a very open guy, you can ask me ANYTHING you want and I will answer it. I'm also a very honest and trustworthy person, probably the most honest and trustworthy person you will ever meet. I don't see any point in lying to someone. I also don't ever get mad, maybe sad sometimes but that's it. I try to be as happy as possible at all times, there's no time to be mad, angry or upset. I want to have fun with life and be happy all the time, not waste my time being mad and grumpy all the time. Especially to what people have to say to me, you think I care about what bad things people have to say to me? Hell no. I have 2 accounts, 1 for playing as a female and 1 for playing as a male. If at all you ever want me to change genders then just tell me and I can do so. I love playing as both genders, obviously I'm a guy in RL. I do not hide or try to fake my gender to try to hurt people or trick them into having naughty times with me or anything else. I just like playing as both. I play on my male avatar 98% of the time, the only time I'm on the female is when I need to transfer some money over, that's it. I've discovered my love for taking pictures and editing them from seeing other people doing it on SL. I have 1 flickr account for my female that you can see here if you'd like. I am going to be making another flickr for my male avatar soon and then start taking pictures with him. I've done it for only a couple days now with no experience before this, I've also learned it all by myself because I love learning new things especially by myself. Obviously they are not the best but it's what I've come up with, with only having about .. 4 to 7 days of experience with it. I'm always trying to become better! I'm very bad at writing things about myself without people asking me questions so if you'd like to know more, just talk to me for a bit and become friends with me, don't be afraid to ask me questions if you have any. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is me. Hello there! Meow. :3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is me standing on the road in front of my house, my house being in the background. We can always come here to hang out, talk, even bring your friends over if you wanted. Throw parties if we ever wanted or watch movies and stuff. We can do it all. I have 2 people living here with me, it is my house and my land though. Both of them pay rent every week or month, 1 lives upstairs in one of my spare bedrooms and the other lives in the backyard in her own little tiny house she bought. I have 2 spare rooms available to anyone who wants to rent if anyone is interested. Just let me know! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for making such a long post and making it colorful and big. I thought it would be easier to read, if enough people complain about it then I'll change it, hehe. Also sorry for not putting as much stuff about me or anything else, I'm just really not sure what to put to be honest. I did as much as I could do and think about, hopefully it's enough to interest people into IM'ing me and wanting to learn more and become friends! Thank you very much for reading if you did, hope to see some IMs from this post, would make me very happy and less lonely if I could make a few friends from this. Thank you! ♥
  12. THANK YOU so much. Seriously, this is exactly what I was looking for. You are amazing. ^-^
  13. Just looking for sci-fi stuff in general. Sci-fi stuff for my house and stuff. Weapons and stuff maybe, like a lightsaber type thingy or some other sci-fi stuff. Like those flying saucer things that some people have and stuff. Also some sci-fi clothes or whatever, clothes with lights and stuff and all that stuff and stuff. Maybe some sci-fi furniture and stuff for my house and land and stuff. I've looked on the market but I can't seem to find any of this stuff. Sorry I like the word stuff, it's just such a nice word. Stuff. Thanks and stuff.
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