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  1. This line also greatly concerns me: "THESE TERMS CONTAIN AN ARBITRATION PROVISION THAT AUTHORIZES EITHER PARTY TO ELECT MANDATORY AND BINDING ARBITRATION OF CERTAIN DISPUTES. " Forced arbitration is used in order to lengthen litigation, meaning the party that is the poorest party takes the biggest financial hit (lawyers fees ect). If you use certain Tilia Services, federal and state law requires that Tilia verify your identity. This means that Tilia may require you to provide your name, street address, date of birth, social security number, and other informa
  2. I'm confused, were you trying to describe SL children or real life children? Seems you have described both. I don't think any child avi genuinely tries to play that card as we all know everyone on here is an adult behind the screen. That kind of act would not truly fool anyone. There already are restrictions in place, quite reasonable ones that cover all eventualities. I don't see how restricting child avis to General rated sims is going to make things any safer than what they already are. Could you please spare the use of the caps lock/shift button? Child avis like mys
  3. This place looks awesome! Thankfully I have an medieval outfit I'm fond of so you'll see me around.
  4. You wont get full adoption of IPv6 while IPv4 addresses are still in use. I also realised I made a mistake, IPv6 addresses are 128 bit not 64 bit. IPv7 has already been rejected due to being an incomplete specification (see CATNIP), the argument was and is that an IPv7 protocol would only provide a minimal benefit. The original IPv8 protocol is the current IPv6 protocol we have today, but regardless we are going to have IPv6 around for a long time yet, probably for the rest of our life.
  5. One problem with this is that IPv6 was brought in to solve the issue of IPv4 address exhaustion only a few years ago. Given that IPv6 uses 64 bit addresses and IPv4 uses 32 bit addresses, the need to upgrade from IPv6 to what would most likely be IPv8 (not 7) is quite a distance into the future. That is because there is exponentially more IPv6 addresses than IPv4 addresses. I honestly don't see the need to consider a new address protocol (be it IPv7 or IPv8) at this stage when so many IPv6 addresses still remain.
  6. I'm not saying there aren't rude and petty people who play the game, because there certainly are. However I don't see SL as being anywhere near as bad as the likes of COD, Aion and LoL. Those communities are the worst by far in my opinion.
  7. I was being somewhat (okay very) sarcastic. If the OP thinks SL is rude, he should check out COD or Aion, the communities there redefine the meaning of the word "toxic". I'm extremely grateful to that lady just so you know and I've received help from others too who I also am extremely grateful to.
  8. On the second day I joined (about two weeks ago) I had a lady come up to me who was scantily dressed, had a large pair of knockers and a very big butt. Know what she did? She gave me 200 Linden for no reason, showed me around the game, gave me pointers about where not to go (I was and still am a child avatar), helped me out with my outfits and friended me. Just the other day I was talking to her thanking her for her help when she gave me another 300 Linden. I was rather embarrassed by it, but she said she wanted to help me out and that she was glad that I had found other Child avatar frie
  9. I play a 10 year old with the SMB mesh right now but I agree that Tweenster is the way to go. Depending on your budget you may want to check out Vicarious Youth, Meshmerised and Xeolots for some good skins and the SMB mesh still works. I am new though so I don't know all the ins and outs like Harrison does.
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