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  1. I do not see any blue highlighted nor red items like it usually shows. I'm positive there is a transparent item; I was messing with a WaterHorse AO which requires laying out the AO, using CTRL>ALT>T to find the AO, then edit it. Highlight Transparent DOES work, which I found very relieving during this project, it just seems to be the shortcut that isn't working. I may have indeed changed keyboard mappings, though I wouldn't know where or when.
  2. I have used the CTRL + ALT + T shortcut for a long time. Today, upon trying to use it, nothing happened. After searching through forums and asking around, I have come up with nothing at all. All three keys are still functioning, just not as intended together. And by nothing happens, I mean nothing goes red anymore. No more transparency mode. Nothing. I'm using the latest installment of the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.
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