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  1. Receive spankings, etc and "long term" I just mean to try one, then maybe again with a different scenario, but same theme... like scenes in a movie.
  2. Hi there! I'm searching for a one on one Adult (long term) Role Play Male partner to act out adult fantasies across a few different beautiful Sims. Level of RP non-specific, must speak English, no translators. Wanted: Mature Older Male Avatar in appearance, prefer mesh bodies please. If you don't have a mature avatar but want to get one, IM me and I can help you out with places to shop. This would be a long-term role play spread out over a length of time, involving non-sexual role play at times and other times adult & adult fetishes. I have several story lines in mind, if interested IM me and I will explain. Involves fetish style kinks like spanking, slapping, BDSM, etc. *RLV is optional. I'm flexible, we can adjust to suit both our needs. About Me: I'm a female both in SL and iRL, full Bento Mesh up to date. (Maitreya Lara + Catwa) In SL I'm always in character unless asked otherwise. My character is a girl in her 20's from small town America and shes off to start her life in the big city. If you're interested send me an IM and reference this post. We can do a meet and see. ☺
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